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Casual player

Hi guys. I’m a casual player. As I have a 1 year old son. My team can win lots of battles but i feel it’s lacking something. Can anyone help me out. Give me some tips?

More information needed. What team are you currently using? What troops do you have available?

+7 mountain crusher hammer
Nimue blue fully traited
Emperina purple fully traited
Moloch orange 1st trait

I have like 500 characters. But I don’t know which are better than others

Being that you said you were more of a casual player I don’t know if you linked your game with Gowdb.com.

It’s very easy and by doing that we would be able to see exactly what troops you have and tell you which ones to put on a team to help you get farther and enjoy the game more. We would also be able to tell you what you can do for your short term goals and that would lead up to what you can focus on later on in the mid term and long term.

A lot of people here are always willing to help so you might get a barrage of info but don’t worry. The game will give you what you want out of it at your own pace. But as mentioned before the best thing to do is to link your account for now at gowdb.com. I’m not the most knowledgeable player in the game but I can give you some pointers as to where to start and if I don’t know the answer then someone here would be able to help you out even more.


Take your time and don’t worry about perfection. Team building and such will become easier as you play more. Trial and error works well here. Ultimately, have fun!

You can look for troops that have “empowered” trait and convert gems. You can try to sew one of them into your team.