Allow for finishing started pet rescue

This happened to me several times already, but just now really annoyed the crap out of me. I saw a notification for mini moa (that I don’t have) and it was kinda late in that one-hour window, but still ongoing. So I get in, start battles, come to the game 7 and then I get the message that event has ended and I have to restart the game. Of course, I didn’t get the pet, just one white food. Let me finish the quest if I am already in the game when the event time is up, would you? I imagine I should have the opportunity to get the pet if I entered the event in time. The one hour window should be for entering the event, not for finishing it. It’s as if you entered the store five minutes before closing and they threw you out at closing time without letting you to pay for your purchase and take it home.


I think asking to finish the entire event is a bit much. That way you could just open it and leave it open for hours until you had time to play. And what if another pet rescue is started in the mean time?

Would be nice if they could make it so you could finish the battle you’re already in though.


What you’re asking would invariably create a situation where 2 or more different pet rescues could be running simultaneously within a guild because the instant the current rescue ends a new one can be triggered. And many guilds communicate well enough on rescues that members will hold off ending a battle containing a pet gnome if a currently running rescue will end shortly so the guild can get back to back rescues.

I’d imagine the devs are so adamant about not allowing simultaneous rescues within a guild because rescues are coded in a way that they can’t happen, and making it so would be a complete overhaul of the rescue system.

Me thinks we’ll never see this - ever.


Oh my god, it’s like I asked for a way to cheat the system or something. This game is not revolving around pets. What, I shouldn’t even bother if I have 10-15 minutes until the end of pet rescue? I just needed to have opportunity to finish two last battles to get it. I think there could be a way to code the game to get 5 extra minutes if you’re in battle 7 when the event ends. It’s a game based on luck and availability of cards, and last two AI teams are pretty strong in the pet events. It’s not like I can gauge how much time I need to finish it based on my skill. But I guess you’re right that it will never happen, it’s probably too much work for devs for a side event.

It can be abused, and it would end up in chaos. So not gonna happen.

Use a faster team… if you are end game, you should be able to finish all 8 battles in less than ten minutes. Skeleton key, egg thief, cedric, greed works … Ishbala, Infernus, Dawnbringer, Suna… I’m sure other people can share teams they use to do it as quickly as possible but, these are the teams I have used. Maybe try your quickest guild wars team?

First, I get why you are frustrated and I sympathize. It’s not easy or possible for everyone to schedule their day around a game so events with live timers can be a major pain.

But pets are really a currency, since their impact on kingdom power is tied to how many of them you own. And like all currencies, the devs designed them to be given out at a rate slow enough to encourage players to pay for it.

So the design of pets tells us they expect the fastest a player can gain pets is 24 per day. Since it is luck-based, we also know that over time it is less and less likely a player can progress without paying, as the odds you’ll even see a pet you need slip lower and lower.

The secondary design involves F2P games. As much sass as I’ve got for saying it, they’re built on top of addiction triggers and dopamine cycles. The main function of the 1-hour pet cycle is to establish, in your mind, a habit of even just peeking at GoW. That habit makes it harder to consider quitting, which is why the forums are filled with people who have had it up to proverbial “here” but will continue to play no matter how angry they are.

Now let’s stop and think about how that changes if players aren’t stuck with a 1-hour time limit, and why the devs aren’t going to let it happen.

It really mucks up the “one per hour”. Would the whole guild be unable to get a new pet if a single member is still on the old one? What happens if the guild leader goes on vacation or something with a pet active? Everyone would be stuck with no pets. That’s no fun.

If the rule were, “As long as at least one guild member has no active pet…” it’d address that, but it invites ways around the “one per hour” limit. Or it means some people are going to miss pet rescues because other guild members need to clear their pets before it’s eligible again. Just about any form of compromise invites a way to either get more than 24 pets/day or troll a guild by quietly slowing their progress. If you don’t think people would devote 18+ hours to these things take a good hard look at the leaderboards over the weekend.

So that’s where we are. It takes about 10 minutes on average to clear a pet rescue with the Rope Dart team. If there’s less than about 7 minutes I don’t even try. But speaking honestly unless you can respond immediately to every notification, it’s best to just take “kingdom power through mythic pets” off the shelf of your realistic goals. Considering how many new power currencies are coming, maybe we’ll see pets releasing at a faster rate within a few updates. Once something’s not what whales spend on anymore, its value as a slow drip evaporates.

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Why would you not do as many battles as you can in the time left? You could
score a pet or two (each basket has a 10% chance) and get some pet food also.

Best advice I can give is x4 speed with Cedric team. 6-7 minutes max.

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Wrath/Writhing Staff/The Possessed King/Scylla always works great for me in pet rescues :slight_smile:
Especially in the somewhat rare cases where you make a match and the whole opponent team is wiped from skull matches :laughing:

My Pet Team is similar to Graeme’s but I use Wrath/ Writing Staff/ Scylla/ Mercy

It has an appreciable rate of Skull cascades wiping out the opposition :+1:

Just a matter of taste. I so rarely get a pet from the non-guaranteed baskets I don’t give a flip. I’d rather play a few PvP matches than get kicked out mid-way.

You’re not wrong, I’m just optimizing for what makes me happy.

Guys, thank you all for the helpful suggestions for fast teams. Unfortunately, I don’t have 90% of suggested cards like Rope Dart, Cedric, Ishbala, Infernus, Suna etc. I am close to lvl 1000,but I didn’t play for like a year and I half, and returned to game just recently so I don’t have many cards that are needed for current fast teams.

Also, I think my request was misunderstood by most of people that replied to it. I didn’t ask for a possibility to enter the game and then stall it until you want to finish it. I understand that is not possible. I just asked for a few minutes of extension time if you’re one or two battles away from finishing the event. I think 5 minutes of extension time after certain point in the pop-up rescue wouldn’t allow for misusing the mechanics but would allow you to finish one or two battles. That’s all.

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