ALL Gnomes - Rating Discussion

Finally we got all gnomes now. One for every colour. So the question is now: Which is the best and which is the worst gnome? Feel free to discuss and give your rating!

My Rating:

  1. Pet gnome - Really hard to give the best gnome, but the pet gnome is one position 1. While the pet gnome trigger a pet event for the whole guild it also needs a lot of must-have to max level every single pet in the game and they are always new one’s which never makes the pet gnome bad. It also gives jewels for the soulforge for crafting missing weapons for example and even if you already have a pet max leveled it gives food to level the others.

  2. Mecha gnome - The new mecha gnome has a really good drop table with a lot of ingots which are needed to upgrade all the weapons. While legendary and mythic ingots aren’t a problem to some people cause of delves, epic ingots are. Epic ingots are the rarest of all ingots and the gnome can drop 12 out of 36 needed for one epic weapon which is a lot. It also gives 2 epic ingots as a trade in soulforge for the 20 ultra rare ones or it would be almost a completly maxed ultra rare weapon with only one gnome otherwise. Due to not being able to drop common or rare ingots it lands in second position of best gnomes.
    EDIT: Apparently mecha gnome can also drop 50 epic ingots!! So that’s make it really on second place. That is 1,5 epic weapons with only one gnome, but don’t forget epic weapons can get maxed as well and there aren’t really new one’s.

  3. Glory gnome - The glory gnome is never a bad gnome. Due to it’s really, really high drop rates of glory which always be needed in the game, unlike other ressources, for new troops in the shop tab it lands on third position. The glory gnome can drop up to 1000 glory which equals 2.5-3 glory packs in the shop. Also his “worst” drop of only 200 glory is still nice and saves a lot of time compared to farming glory in pvp where one battle gives you only up to 10 most of the time.

  4. Soul gnome - The soul gnome can give up to 5000 souls, but also only 1000 which is only 1-2 minutes of soul farming later in the game. Nontheless it’s a decent amount of souls and can you can upgrade every troop with 2 soul gnomes if you get the higher drops. Another point is that souls are like ingots a currency which can be maxed and you don’t need more. That follows the conclusion that the soul gnome is mostly pretty useful for beginners however due to it’s recent patch of 4.6 a lot more souls will be needed which makes the glory gnome also better in late game, but in the end still only in fourth spot.

  5. Treasure gnome - The treasure gnome was basically the first gnome in the game and it we should get everything out of it which is a bad thing now. The treasure gnome has the highest drop table of different dropes. While it has unique drops like a few keys and 2 diamonds the value of the treasure gnome is pretty low overall also because it has a lot of worse drops like 100 souls which is nothing compared to the soul gnome. You can’t trust the treasure gnome and it’s a lot of rng what you will get while for the other specific gnomes you exactly know which ressources you get out of it. This rates the treasure gnome as the second worst gnome in the game.

  6. Jewel gnome - In last position as the worst gnome in the game by all means we have the jewel gnome. While the jewel gnome can drop diamonds it gives all other jewels most of the time as we have 6 different one’s + diamonds. Also adding the diamond drop isn’t really good comparing to the 4000 diamonds we need for a single mythic in the game. Another thing is that jewels are one of the most unnecessary things in the game. While we needing them for crafting old weapons there isn’t really another point for jewels other than diamonds not forgetting the pet gnome gives the amount of jewels we get from one jewel gnome with just 1 basket out of 9 in one single pet rescue which leads to mostly getting more jewels (and a lot other things) out of a pet gnome than a jewel gnome. All in all pretty clear the worst gnome of all 6 in the game.


If anyone has a full drop table of all gnomes somewhere (I don’t know if there is any) we can include it in the post

I approve of this drop rate


Whoa!! Now THAT’S great!

50 epics from mecha gnome…OMG