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Alderfather Summoned for the Enemy (Visual Only?)

This Green Golem appeared on my side in slot 1 and blinked over to the other side in slot 3. The hell is this…

Then casting Treant and hitting the Golem with skulls moved it back?

Visual only, yeah. Theres an old thread on it somewhere in bug reports. Looks like the bug persists. My last experience with it was using a Jar of Eyes and getting an Ocularen Leech prior to the last patch. While mine never moved back on my side, it was clear that it still counted as my front troop.

Given how difficult this is to reproduce, I suspect it has something to do with a variable for sprite position being overwritten by some still unresolved race condition. Every instance of this happening for me has involved the combination of a troop being summoned by a spell that does mass board mod where damage was dealt by skulls (definitely exploded, possibly cascaded).

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