Summoned troop appeared in enemy slot

Hi there,
Im japanese and my english is poor, so Im sorry maybe I can’t explain this well.
I serched “Summon” or “highforge” on Bug Reports,and 3.4 known Issues but seems there is no report yet.

Platform: Android 7.0
When: today, during Ranked PVP battle
What happen: When my Highforge cast spell, summoned dwarven zombie did not appear in my team slot, but he appeared in enemy team slot.
He was in enemy slot, but I could cast his spell,and his spell worked as normal,so I think It was only in appearance.



I took movie from the middle of the battle.


New 5 vs 3 game mode.

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This happened to me a while back, see I summoned a Baby Dragon on the Enemy's Side!

It’s an intermittent bug, so hard to fix.

Heeeeeeeeeeeloooooooooooooo tacet! :grin:


Oops! I searched before I wrote this really, but seems I did it on wrong category page or I misspelt the word:joy:
Anyway, thank you let me know it! _(┐「ε:)_❤

and sry for my careless mistake, forum


Your English is great! :+1:


A spy in the midst :laughing:
I bet the Wild Queen didn’t see that coming.
Lesson for today, never trust an undead dwarf.

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Happened to me today in PVP. Xbox One.

Thanks for reporting this! I’ve added this info to the existing bug report, hopefully this will help us pinpoint the cause of the issue.

I don’t know if this will help you, but I just had the same thing happen in todays Delve Event (All-Seeing Eye). Watch Mother (final delve battle, enemy side) summoned a troop, but it appeared on my side of the screen. I couldn’t cast it when its mana was full and a skull hit by a troop on my side actually killed it. I have a few SS if you could use them.

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Thanks we’re still looking into this one sorry about that! I don’t think we need further screenshots at this time but if that changes I’ll post here to let you know!

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This bug appears to still be active - showed up today for me in ranked PvP. The first enemy slot was defeated, Egg thief’s spawn appeared in its slot.

I can add that once the monster in the second slot (Fire troll) was defeated, the next egg that Egg Thief spawned was on my side like normal.