Summoned troop appeared in enemy slot


Hi there,
Im japanese and my english is poor, so Im sorry maybe I can’t explain this well.
I serched “Summon” or “highforge” on Bug Reports,and 3.4 known Issues but seems there is no report yet.

Platform: Android 7.0
When: today, during Ranked PVP battle
What happen: When my Highforge cast spell, summoned dwarven zombie did not appear in my team slot, but he appeared in enemy team slot.
He was in enemy slot, but I could cast his spell,and his spell worked as normal,so I think It was only in appearance.

I took movie from the middle of the battle.


New 5 vs 3 game mode.


This happened to me a while back, see I summoned a Baby Dragon on the Enemy's Side!

It’s an intermittent bug, so hard to fix.


Heeeeeeeeeeeloooooooooooooo tacet! :grin:


Oops! I searched before I wrote this really, but seems I did it on wrong category page or I misspelt the word:joy:
Anyway, thank you let me know it! _(┐「ε:)_❤

and sry for my careless mistake, forum


Your English is great! :+1:


A spy in the midst :laughing:
I bet the Wild Queen didn’t see that coming.
Lesson for today, never trust an undead dwarf.