Alchemist team ideas?

looking to pump gold any ideas?

The team I use that has Alchemist is:


It doubles as a Soul farming team as well. Dunno if there are better setups for pure gold or not though.

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ok ty ill try

It depends on how far along you are. If you’re earlier in then alchemist can help; however, later on there are much stronger teams than most of the alchemist-based ones so it’s actually more efficient to not use him. Essentially you can win more gold/hour by using a really strong team in PvP that quickly wins matches as opposed to trying to fill Alchemist up a bunch every match. There’s also a cap on how much he can make, so it has diminishing returns.

I assume you already have the Dragon Armor? That’s honestly the biggest difference maker.


Although @Ozball’s suggestion is also the traditional control deck that can win most fights, do so it’s a very good deck period.


dragon armor check just want the dragons gold pile thanks

I really like to use



Green Seer*

@Studs may be right about more effective alternatives. Neverthelesss the Alchemist is still a very good yellow supporter.

yeah, it’s definitely the go-to farming deck. I just found it to be slow. By the time I got the Dragon Armor I felt like it had fallen off and I was getting more Gold/Hour by using other decks.

Honestly, with the gold cap, using Alchemist as a point to farm gold is mostly worthless. PvP or Arena are both faster for gold farming.

Now if you are looking to use him and Valkyrie while you’re traitstone farming, that I totally understand.


I think Traitstone farming it’s even worse. For Traitstone farming to really be efficient you want to cheese the hell out of it and try to beat as many battles as possible as fast as possible. Maybe you meant Soul farming? (i.e., May as well make some Gold while you try to max out Souls.)

a team seems work fine (i play on w3, so in normal it may work fast)
but only with alchemist (no valkyrie)

Goblin Rocket
Goblin Rocket

red banner +2

don’t match skull (except *4 or *5) just shoot and shoot; transform to yellow; shoot and shoot; transform… :smirk:

not really interesting to play, but it works fine, and only 1 epic :wink:

PS: it’s reallty fast if you have the “Fire Link” traits on alchemist and golbin rocket & for sure “Empowered” on mercy


I agree. The Alchemist should only be considered as a yellow supporter.

I use tyri in a goblin team for the double greedy buff.

If you replace Treant with Coronet Knight the team gets significantly faster imho. With two transformers filling the Knight you lay some heavy spell damage upon the opponent team. It is a little less resilient than the Treant version and has a slightly longer build up with the Knight eating the first yellow matches, but with how strong the Knight currently is it gets quite fast and isn’t stopped by traited Gorgotha.


I use Alchemist with Sun&Moon…

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