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Recommendations to improve my efficiency?

I have been playing gems for awhile (on PS4), I’m around level 160ish and have a massive selection of cards (with around 20 true legendaries).

When I need gold I use my Webspinner team and do PVP in dragon armor:
Goblin Shaman (will replace with venoxia if i ever get her)
Boar Rider
This team is pretty damn quick to get through PVP battles and has a 90% success rate.

When I need souls or specific trait stones i passively farm challenges using this team in celestial armor:
Druid (who i recently got to legendary status)

By passively I mean I ensure I get at least one cast with valk, and cast as much as it comes up, but ultimately just try to finish the battle asap. This means (on hard difficulty) I usually average 40-50 souls per battle and can complete them fairly quickly.

Personally I think time spent farming those extra difficulties does NOT beat out time spent just winning on hard as quickly as possible (mostly because I am collecting specific trait stones as well)

That said, does anyone have any recommendations to improve my efficiency when farming by? I am open to deck modifications and even brand new teams if it ends up being more efficient.

If you get Druid fully traited, 3x Druid + Valkyrie goes pretty quick for soul farm. If Arena got the soul boost like PC/Mobile did, that too would be a good method for soul farm.

For farming challenges for levels and traitstones (and not souls), Dust Devil*** x4 is amazingly efficient. You can ignore the entire board and simply cast their spell one at a time.

For farming challenges for souls, try:

Edit: just saw it’s console. Sorry, no Dust Devils for you :frowning:

You’re pretty on-point in terms of team composition. The only improvement I could suggest would be to put Tyri into your soul farming team. She doesn’t help the team much, but her spell can give you treasure maps - which means you’re earning even MORE resources per game.

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Thanks for the tips everyone, I will test out that serpent/valk/valk/druid combo.

I have over 70 treasure maps, so currently not in need of them.