AI getting mana at start of a fight

I know this has been reported & talked about before, but I (foolishly) thought it had been fixed… but then I noticed this happening at the start of a guild event fight:

I have 5 shop tiers of buffs, so obviously I have gem explosions at the start, and most of it did go to my troops, but I noticed at the end of the animations that some of the mana gems flew over to the AI’s side.

Could it be related to the 2nd trait on the new Oneiros troop? That gems exploded → Wildcards triggered → AI got attributed to claiming them?


Based on that top screenshot, you’ve got two enemies that explode a gem at the start of battle. (Soldier of Wrath, Sibyl of Lust) If the CPU explodes gems at the start of battle, the CPU gets that mana and additional mana from any matches that are generated as a result.


I agree, that is how it works, but its fishy that the AI got a total of 30 mana from 2 gems exploding.

Actually, that makes sense. Easy to forget about that trait sometimes.
The last troop starts with 75% mana, so total gained there is “just” about 21. I have Oneiros in last slot, and maybe his 2nd trait triggered and there was some leftover mana boosters that got caught in the AI trait explosions.

Gem matches that happen as a result of gems dropping to fill in the holes from exploding gems are also collected. Pretty sure in this case it is not any bugs just demon 3rd trait doing it’s thing.