[REPORTED] 5.7 Potions give mana to enemy and activate traits at the start of battle

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Since 5.7, mana potions, that drop after gems explode at the beginning of battle (with Potion of Explosion or Omen of … traits) and activate via match or other explosion work for opponent team. If gems created by potion match, AI troops get mana, can proc traits or do skull damage. Note, that AI team does not have any explosion traits.

While we are in last week of potion campaign, there might be similar heroic gems in the future, so fix would be nice.

Originaly spotted by MR D1LL1GAF and Angi of BDC.

skull damage example:



Thanks for sharing this and including these videos.

Currently looking into what has caused this to resurface!

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

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Here’s an image from yesterday with the AI filling from my mana. This occured in the faction assault, when the explosion and resultant mana potion explosion filled the AI team. The fact the AI tries to move after this seems to have been fixed, but not the mana collection.

So you may have half fixed the issue only… however with limited data points our end to see if half of the bug has been completely fixed.

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thanks for making the videos

It’s not only potions that give turn to AI.
I has happened several times now that when making a 4 or 5 gem / skull match I didn’t get an extra turn.
And no none of my troops was froozen or otherwise affected by stun or whatever.


Similar to that, sometimes when the other team has a frozen troop, they still get an extra turn on four gem matches. What’s up with that? I’ve noticed it several times.

While there is some hinky things going on, frozen only cancels an extra turn for matches of colors that are currently frozen. If an enemy troop, say Leprechaun, is frozen, then only 4 matches of purple or green will be considered frozen, and not give an extra turn. If the Ai gets a 4 match of another color, say yellow, then it will give an extra turn as normal.
Also, if the frozen troop is first, it should also not give an extra turn on 4+ skull matches as well. If the frozen troop is not first, 4+ skull matches will give an extra turn as normal.

I encountered a similar glitch described by OP in the videos today in a world event battle with enemy cards getting mana and activating traits during a massive pre-move potion cascade. My cards did not get any mana or trait activation. This cascade ended in me getting the first move. Well, at least the first move bug has been apparently fixed. Today has been the first time facing a single occurrence of this glitch (not 100% sure but I’m generally paying attention to these things most of the time), and it has not been repeated.