*solved* Mana from potion of explosion going to the enemy

Anyone else having the issue where the potion of explosion fueling the enemy team?

Hey, any chance you could get a video of this?
I remember having bug reports for this awhile ago and thought it was resolved, I will follow up with the team tomorrow morning!

I’ll be back on it tomorrow… I’ll capture it if and when it happens again

Thanks I’ll also test it out in the morning before my meeting with the devs

Two of the battles this week (vs Arcturion and Barghast) contain troops from Sin of Maraj, which explode a gem at the start of battle, and would be a valid reason for enemy troops to gain some mana during the opening sequence (but not the mana from your own Potion of Explosion).

@WishKiller, have you checked to make sure it’s not from these troops?


@Jonathan was right… It was those specific troops @Kafka … No need to investigate.


Thank you for solving this for me

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Hmm … well, mana gained from enemy traits should go to the enemy team, while mana gained from allied traits (and Potions of Explosion) should go to you, certainly … but if by chance this is getting mixed up and all the mana is going only one way or the other (without being able to tell which is which) then that could still be a problem, but that would need closer inspection of what’s actually going on at the start of battle (preferably a video capture at x1 game speed).