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Enemy explode a gem at the start of the battle - mana for me

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

Every time a enemy troop explode a gem to the beginning of a battle, the mana goes to me

What are the steps to make it happen again?

Play against a sin of maraj troop

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!

Greed explode a gem, a 5 times red drops, maybe a 3 red after this, whatever divinia is full and i do nothing. Nice for me, but is this right?


Technically the mana should go to you because it’s your turn.

so your moaning because off extra mana to you… nice one.

When i test it with 4 maraj troops in explore, the mana goes to me. yay logical!

but when the enemy use such troops, why it’s not his mana? thats illogical :thinking:


Can we keep the thread from, well, exploding?


moaning about free mana still sounds ‘illogical’ …

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I think it is lame too. Makes you not want to use those troops on defend

when i play against these troops with both get mana thou…

@Barney_Stinson, it always worked like this since Sin of Maraj troops were introduced, probably a low priority fix on the devs’ schedule.

I’m no code wizard, but my Uncanny Mastery of the Obvious is telling me that there should be some sort of “rule” in the code lines to make events/effects count towards the objects who triggered it, so triggering an explosion and the conseqential cascades due a trait from an enemy would properly give mana to that team that triggered it, regardless of who has the turn by now.

Would it work and can it be done @Ozball ??? I’m pretty sure there wouldn’t be any downside since this because these extra “rule” wouldn’t interfere with traits like “Inscribed” because those already will benefit the troop that triggered the trait anyway, but just in case you guys should check if it wouldn’t make such traits trigger twice…

I think that it’s working properly as is and there’s nothing that needs to be fixed. Any mana gained from explosions should be credited to whoever’s turn that it is at the time regardless of traits/talents.


I’m not so sure about it.

It could be considered a disadvantage in order to balance out these troops IF they were really powerfull.

But on the other hand it could be designed to be a less powerfull form Empowered/Fast in a form of a gamble that is not working as the devs expected…

If the second option is the most likely one, they could fix it by simply making those “Omen of _____” traits to work like this:

Omen of Fire: Start battle with 2 manas for each unique Red ally in the team.
Omen of Dark: Start battle with 2 manas for each unique Purple ally in the team.
And so on for all the other colors.

At some point Sin of Maraj would gain new troops and the sinergies would increase as we could combine four troops with different omens and it could give a decent design direction to be used by the devs on this Kingdom. Spells being boosted by Omens for example.

As it’s working right now, there is little to no incentive to use or even trait such troops if they will always benefit the enemies when used on defense.

This is clearly hindering the whole kingdom and endangering Wild Plains placement as the worst kingdom in the game. :skull:

I like the premise that not all troops are meant to be “universal”, meaning that some work better for offense than defense and vice versa. It adds an element to the game that I really like.

Having said that; It’s totally up to the player whether they want to use defensive troops that give the opposing team mana before they even make a move, but I don’t think the devs need to change anything to compensate for it.


This makes sense if we had a really good “perfect imbalance” in the game, a “rock, paper, scissors balance” if you prefer. But even then, some troops would still be better to use on attack simply due rarities(power), style of play, sinergies, countering the enemies and weightening advantages, incentives and disadvantages in some restricted scenarios.

For the first possibility, if those traits are working as intended as a form to add some disadvantage to really powerfull troops i can only see Greedy fitting into this, as he provides support for Gold/Merchant/Money Bags strategies, which is totally fine and awesome as you consider the sinergy with the Rogues/Pirates all getting along.

But some of the other sins doesn’t feels really good at their own sinergies for their themes specially on defense thanks to how the “Omen of____” traits are working.

Side note: Wrath also works pretty fine, wrecking stuff (exploding gems) when matching skulls, but on the other hand Lust feels really lackluster thanks to how costly her spell is and because her trait only work on allies’ deaths, if it was on any death then she would be really good, but we would have some problems with teams using two Lusts that could cause some insta-death chains with Firebombs…