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Agile - why was the trait changed?

Why was it changed from 30% to 20%?

Because it was OP.


It was only OP for the enemy, because of the bug.

Nah, it wasn’t the bug that made it OP. It was OP b/c the rate was high, it was widely available it was, it combo’d really well with True Shot, and multiple low rarity troops had both (all of which led to a meta heavily focused on True Shot and Agile). They ended up lowering the proc rate, making it much less available, and nerfing/removing True Shot, which may have been a slight over-correction, but certainly helped open up the meta.


Yeah I do agree, it was a slightly over-correction. Lets see if other do agree with us.

I really miss using my ts/Bone Dragon team, but on the other hand I’m also glad that the ts was nerfed. It seemed that 70% of the defense teams that I faced had similar line-ups, the monotony of it really took away some of the fun. Now teams are more diverse and it’s nice to see a multitude of different defense teams.

Agree, but that was true shot in combination with agile, which does not exist anymore. I am talking about agile trait here. I really think it would be fine staying at 30% in the currently meta. There is neither any troops that has both agile and armor piercing in the currently meta.

But it all ties hand in hand, the agility trait is one reason that people would use them in the first slot, combined with the ignoring armor trait. It probably isn’t related but remember how troops with the agility trait in the fourth position were often impervious to damage?

It did. But now its no troops that has both the new true shot(armor piercing) and agile trait, so for me it doesnt make sense why they changed the agile down to 20%.

B/c it’s very frustrating from a player quality of life perspective? Same as endless combos. Just makes for a bad experience.

I would say there is quite more frustrating traits than agile in currently meta, even 30% wont do a lot.

The problem was that with 30% it was more likely to have streaks when agile became too “reliable”, leading to ridiculous situations, completely destroying any attempts of planning ahead or realizing strategies.
Being a chance all-or-nothing-mechanism it is problematic in the first place in a game that is centered around planning ahead your turns and strategies.
At 20% it is less likely to produce these streaks, and act more of a setback to your planned plays when it occurs that demand appropriate adapting.

I think the change was well warrented and thats from someone that loved the old meta, 20% is fair.

I doubt anyone would had complained if it stayed at 30% in the currently meta. :slight_smile:

I wouldnt have complained, but I prefer it at 20% anyways.

It might be slight overcorrection, especially considering that Stone Skin reduces damage 50% and even Armored looks better than Agile now. But it’s on paper - in reality it’s still frustrating when you fire BD, strip 40 armour and create something like 10 or more skull matches and do… no damage because Agile :frowning:, while even against fully traited Gorgotha it would make considerable impact. I think that’s another change to Agile - in 1.0.8 it was calculated independently against each skull match (which probably caused the problem with immortal troops), now it’s once against the whole attack, maybe that was one of the factors behind this nerf.

As we’ve learned many times over from all of the “AI cheatz!!1!” complaints, people dislike the unpredictability of RNGs. Stoneskin is clearly superior to Agile; however, Agile is much more frustrating because the randomness can lead to unpredictable results and thus the appearance of unfairness.


Well, many do agree here that it was a slight overcorrection, include you Studs. Now when agile trait is on no armor piercing troops, I think it could be raised a little. The currently meta has a lot more superior traits, and that even if agile went up to 25-30%. Agile trait at 20% is a bad trait - 1/5 chance to avoid skull damage, while before it was almost 1/3 chance to avoid with 30%. With 25% at least the trait get a little hope to be a okay trait at least, making it 1/4 chance to avoid skull damage.

@Sirrian what is your thoughts on the currently agile trait? Would it deserve a 25%, instead of 20%?

A 20% chance to destroy strategies feels high enough for me, no matter which other traits are on the same troop. Besides, watching my troops yet again hitting nothing is almost as annoying as the AI taking endless turns. I’d be fine with raising the chance to 100%, provided that the damage always gets applied to another troop instead, somewhat similar to the Stealthy trait.

This is slightly off topic, because it’s asking about Agile.
But it would make me happy if the function of true shot was to negate ‘armoured’ (Skull damage always does full damage)

I don’t think Agile at 25% would be a problem for any single troop or team.
Spell damage doesn’t miss.