Getting tired of Agile / True Shot Combination

Is anyone else sick of playing PVP against these cards? It seems that 75% of my PVP matches are filled with cards that have both of these traits. Granted, for some reason I keep getting the same PVP opponents over and over and over again so perhaps thats my core issue.

IMO, these two traits should never be on the same character. They are agile way more that 30% as the card states. It’s becoming ridiculous, dodge, dodge, dodge, dodge over and over. I can never hit them!

Anything over hard difficulty is basically instant death as their starting attack tends to be higher than the opponents heath and they are constantly dodging attacks. Its gotten to the point I refuse to play and just crash and reload. It’s the new goblin setup all over and I have started to play less and less due to this.


Try using other method than Skulls to kill then.

Yep - sick of the sight if them. I dont have any trouble beating them because I always play on normal difficulty (quicker so I earn more) - but I will be relieved when the devs make this a much less attractive combo and encourage more varied teams.

Not sure why it worth a new topic, we said all in the previous dozens that started on the first week of traits deployed. O,O

Since then I have met some endless stats/big/stoneskin teams that are even more annoying than TS that at least gets over fast one way or another.


I’m sick of them, but like @Pasa said, I’ve been sick of them since week 1.

I had a good old 30% change of dodge, manage 7 dodges in a row yesterday. Out of the 3 agile troops my opponent had, I faced more than 12 dodges.

Not to mention that if a character with the agility trait is in the fourth slot on the opposing team, many times you cannot do damage to them whether it be by spells or skulls. When I encounter such a team I politely click on ‘Try Another’ :slight_smile: It might save some anguish.

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That’s one way to handle a fourth troop with the agility trait, fight fire with fire :). Just use spells on that fourth troop. If you wait until they are the last member remaining often times they will glitch and be impervious to any kind of damage.

Thanks @Macawi. This is very good post.
On the other hand, I assume it would build a very strong Defence combo which position an agile troop on the 4th spot, especially for true shot-skeleton combos.