Bone Dragon "Agile" more than 15 times


Did anyone have this issue?
Bone Dragon " Agile " more than 15 times in one battle?
Is this normal?
As I know every heroes who have this special traits only have 30% chance to dodge skulls, right?


Go to a temple or church or whatever your religion fancies and ask to be purged of whatever bad luck dark shadow is hanging over you…


It’s karma man. :slightly_smiling:


Did it actually dodge 15 times or did it simply do the animation and glitch out? Was it the last troop?


I am also wondering about agile. Start taking notes everyone, it procs a lot more then 30% both when enemy has it or when I have it. Proc rate is same for both sideds but fells higher then 50%.


I tend to find the same, but I haven’t run across it enough to get a good statistical sample, so I wasn’t going to say anything on my own. But if others seem to have the same problem, I wonder if it’s a RNG issue or maybe a typo in the code?


I am also experiencing this (usually with Centaur Scouts). I’m guessing it may be (and will certainly be chalked off as) a case of recall bias…


Someone should actually go and test it. I don’t want to. Any volunteers for that meat grinder…?


I think it is best to wait to test until after the Agile Glitch patch is rolled out. The reason being, that we know there is a changing going into the code in that area. Since we don’t have proper testing tools, just our OCD, its better to wait.

Just keep an eye on it and see if you see a pattern of how your skull matches are occurring to trigger it. In my wondering mind, it seems like if I get an Agile trigger on a 4 match and make a 3 match the same turn, both get dodged. To test this, will be harder then recreating the Agile Glitch.


I had a match with bone dragon as the last troop and it’s Agile got stuck. I hit it more than 20 times and dodged every time. I eventually had to retreat the match.

This is definitely a bug!


I’m sure we can count on our noble playerbase to refrain from using any units with agility on their defense team.

Surely none of them would exploit the bug to gather a couple more souls per day, especially considering it would come at the cost of ruining the game experience for other players.


If that is no sarcasm I admire your faith in humanity.


It is in fact as much sarcasm as I could muster without laughing myself into a straightjacket.


Yes, it was set as the last troop.
It still dodge skull damage after Sheggra creating skulls for 3rd times.

And I have one question
Are there moderators in this forum?
If yes, there are moderators in this forum, my next question is;
What is the meaning of "ctu1208 "words at the 1st reply?
Sorry, English is not my native language so I don’t know much about unusual words.


He’s telling you to pray.

If it was the last troop, that means its the version of this bug (yes there are a couple) where it has no health left and doesn’t go away properly. If it wasn’t the last, further skull hits would hit the troops behind it and trigger a proper victory; there is another thread for this topic full of pictures of that sort of thing.


ahh… stupid suggestion.
All we need to play this game is thinking… not praying.

Btw, thanks @Shimrra.


this happened again…
Same person, same decks with Bone Dragon as the last troops.
So, This is absolutely a bug.
To the game developers, please fix this immediately.


They believe they have it fixed, but it must be pushed out in a major patch. So they have to await Apple/Google Approvals.

I know you found the Agile thread, but hopefully this link takes you right to the “fixed in major patch” comment:


okay i was working with a centaur, it literally dodged 6 out of 8 attacks… i really want my 30% to look like this!


It’s really higher then 30%. An attack can either hit or miss. If attack hits troop can die and not dodge anymore (because it dead), so it should dodge even less then 30% of total skull matches. At this point it pretty much seems like it’s around 70% of dodging for both the invading and defending player. I tried out invading with a troop with dodge i evaded 4 skulls in a row and died to the 5th and only match that hit her.