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Agile Trait! Broken for PvP

So I am sure most of you see this. In a PvP match against goblins. Line up your skulls & blam! Nothing! Agile trait 20% chance. This trait, time over time, proves to be utterly frustrating & broken. The description should read "20% chance to block skull damage %100 of the time. Makes no sense. I just have given up on any PvP match ups or PvP defense that include Goblins. Anyone else feel the same? Have any suggestions? Or continue bypassing.

Random is random. I face an agile team often and While it does seem to trigger a little more than 20% for the AI, I still punch through quite often too. You can always run a fully traited Gob-chomper (currently in the store this week for 400 glory). I love mine against goblins and monsters. Chomp indeed.

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Whats your team build with Gob Chomper? I have a few of them from chest, but I wasn’t very excited to put a team together just for dealing with Goblins.

Since mine are fully traited, I went with 3 and Alchemist. They’re good enough to usually take down at least 2 by damage or devour. Alchemist provides the quick reload. Nothing fancy.

Goblins are everywhere and I use a team with a fully-Traited Shadow-Hunter about 50%, so I’m extremely familiar with Agile.

I would say both the player and AI have around 20% success with Agile.

As for @JTango’s issue with Hobgoblin’s Agile. Use Troops that deal Spell damage, Agile can’t dodge that. I typically fight Goblins with my own Goblins, best counter IMHO

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Thanks for the feedback. I didn’t want it to come to that. I don’t enjoy playing Goblins all that much. I will work on something.

Other option is troops that deal frozen. That stops the extra turns.

Of course the best frozen troops aren’t out yet, but something to consider since there are a few that do have it already

My gob counter is quite easy

Knight coronet (stoneskin)
gob chomper
Gob chomper
Goblin crusher

But i will try Shiratory’s of three chomp and alchemist

It is finally here the broken agile trait problems woot.

I run a true damage team now because of all the stoneskin teams:-

Crimson Bat

Vs Goblins:

  1. Get that Gob Chomper triple traited
  2. Get that Gob Chomper in the top slot
  3. Enjoy the Victory Screen

My current fight had a
Boar Rider
Goblin King

My first move… Chomp. Delicious. Time to get a side of bacon with those chops.

Of course chomper is triple traited and it will be better on first slot. Its just that the devour sometimes not triggers before 3 or 4 spells ( yep rng unlucky ). So i use a tank troop to get breathing room. Probably sub-optimal but more rng compliant