Agile/Dexterous amendment

Basically when creating or transforming skulls there appears to be one condition check for a fire of the traits rather than an individual check per skull match. Example you set up and have 7 unique skull matches on a turn simultaneously, there’s one check so all seven matches fail or succeed. Intended or not, could we change that mechanism to check each match for success/fail?

That sounds like a real nerf to Agile. Skullspam teams aren’t what they once were, but I kinda like the way things are.


Agile/Dexterous is good as it is, if you ask me.


I really like that things like this can happen, I think it’s hilarious/fun whether it happens to my benefit or the AI’s:

Also, can you believe that we used to play the game at this speed?


I’d rather a trait worked as advertised.

agile: 20% chance to dodge skull damage.

I don’t see the issue?


Its not 20% if its dodging more than one match simultaneously.

I know what you’re saying, but if you have multiple matches at once but process each chance individually, that 20% will effectively become 0% (in instances where there are multiple matches). I read it as 20% chance to dodge skull damage, as in, any amount at once.

The same could be said about armor piercing or any of the on hit % traits given there is not a unique condition check applied individually, its all or none.

OK, but some of those ‘on hit’ percentage traits (like assassinate or bullseye) would then have a non-trivial chance of team-wiping an opponent on a good skull spam. That sounds like a bad idea to me.

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Or kraugs yes I’ve taken that into consideration and conceded that point.

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I really do get what you’re saying, but I see more problems with it processing the way you are suggesting than with leaving it the way it is.

I read it differently, as if I interpreted that trait to work as other gem match traits do uniquely. Or else every trait from big on isn’t working as intended as they apply per unique condition met individually and simultaneously.

That’s a fair point. I don’t think I fully understand how some of the Guardians’ third traits work - does Courage still process multiple times on a good skull spam? If so, and if I were king for a day, I’d probably change it, and similar traits, to process once per spam (allowing for additional instances on cascades).

I’m trying to remember which of my teams will sometimes leave the game replaying the same sound effect for 5 or 10 seconds after the match is over while the trait processes over and over again. I think it’s a skull spam team.

As far as I know all traits not related to an on hit condition check will apply individually and simultaneously. Ex sehkma or ketras will merit stat bumps simultaneously for multiple matches.

On console, I’m pretty sure Sheggra’s huge processes sequentially. That is, if I simultaneously make 10 4-matches with IK, Huge will process 10 times in a row. That’s the only example I can think of an a team that I use semi-regularly. I’m not 100% certain and may not be at my console until tomorrow now.

It does, big,huge,immense ect. Even traits like jarl or mab will apply repeatedly and simultaneously.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong here. It’s chance to dodge the skull damage, which is delivered in one blow. It doesn’t say 20% chance to ignore skull match or anything to that effect. With your proposal, Agile will just be an even weaker Armored trait when against skull spam. IMO, it’s already worse than Armored to begin with.

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Agree. However many skulls are matched, there’s only one ‘attack’ animation, so one roll to dodge seems fine.

This makes Agile balanced against Armoured.

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