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After all quest lines?

I have really enjoyed this game.

Once I have completed all the quest lines, is there supposed to be something else? I thought I saw someone say something else opened up called “explore”. I hope there is something else to do. I don’t usually play pvp after I reach level 1 each week. I was hoping for something else maybe with better rewards. I definitely don’t want to play arena. Why get all these cards and level them up just to play a mode where I can’t use them? That’s weird.


Explore is located in every kingdom, how ever xbox/ps4 does not have it yet.

Which is a damn shame. Everyone needs tons of arcanes but challenges are a crapshoot.


There ia lot of things to do

You can get 5 stars in every kingdoms

Finish each hero classes with 250 wins to unlock each weapon

Level up each troops and try to get them all mythic

Max level of each kingdom,

When I were a GoW lass back in December of 2015, the “after” quests on the console side was “Challenges”. In that time, we could do the challenges and we’d gasp raise the kingdom level.


I think his point is that there is no game mode to play (apart from pvp)

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Pc/mobile used to have that too. Then again we had more ways to level the kingdom though.

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I am jelly, @killerman3333.

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A level 15 troop raising the kingdom level was great. If only they still had that function :muscle:


Totally agree with that. Now it just increase the star level and decrease the cost of buying a copy from arena.

Pvp. Lots of it. That’s how you win the most gold.

I sometimes wish that there is another long-time mode aside from PVP. Explore is a step into the right direction. I’m excited for more minigames.

I don’t like PVP at all, so I’m hoping for a day, where I have enough diversity to play outside of it.


I’m not a big arena fan, and maps get a bit borring. Pvp is pretty much mandatory due to the large amount of gold you get. Leveling up cities costs alot, but is key in getting good tribute. And no decent guild will take you if you’re not earning trophies and donating gold. A good active guild gets you tons of gems and glory keys

Some guilds have dropped the trophy requirements. Others have dropped the gold requirements. My guild does not have either of those, only way to get kicked is to not battle for 21 days. The battle can be in the arena, in pvp, in a challenge, or in explore mode. (thank you devs for this new game mode, it gives my guild mates another area to play in.) I do not know if treasure maps count towards battle.

When you finish all the Questlines, you party and bow to Raptor Jesus!


I’m only in a family guild of 5 players where only 2 are donating. Yet I do possess almost every card in the game and that was my personal goal after all.

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