Adding a fifth column or adjustable option to the Troops screen?

This is a tedious and really unimportant request, but so is sifting through my hundreds of troops to look for a specific one, at least on the PS4 version. I know that there are “specifiers” that can help reduce the amount of troops to search through before you find the right one, but by the time I specify my search results for four different troops, as well as sift through the refined results, I may as well just go down the list of all of the troops. The troop tab is a very cumbersome design and I dread going through my teams tab and troops because I’m scrolling forever. I think there is plenty of space to retain all of the size of the current layout of the Troop Design tab, and just fit ONE more column down the side, or even let the player specify number of troops per column/row. Really, it would just be nice to have a better layout for the entire troop tab, or even a separate tab for completed teams. I understand that it’s hard to do things like that due to the varying platforms and limited screen space on each one, but there is SURELY a better solution to the current layout of it all, or I’m just being picky with an overall great game. Anybody else agree or disagree (with a better solution)?

They used to have 5, I have no idea why they went backwards to only 4.

I’m guessing it was to harmonize with the other versions, particularly mobile where there is much less screen to work with.

@Arcemius Do you know about using the shoulder triggers to quick scroll? If not, you can use the R2 L2 buttons to jump from letter to letter (or level to level or whatever you are sorting the troop list by). It is less painful than just using the d-pad to scroll.

I did NOT know that, surprisingly. I will most definitely be using THAT in the future, however, I still stand by streamlining the console versions for a more user friendly troops selection screen AND team selections screen.

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Less screen? Can’t the mobile be turned sideways? I just assumed they could.

I meant ‘less screen’ as in 4 inches vs. 28 (or 56 or 120). I don’t play mobile, but I assume you can only play in landscape orientation.

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