Can't place troops below "Suggest a Troop"

PC/3.05 (what else?) When building a team in the Troops menu, you can no longer place troops where you want to place them, you have to place them at the top, in or above the “Suggest a Troop.”

For example, if I want to play a Gar’Nok or Impervious troop 4th, I can’t.
Or if I know I want a Famine 3rd…I can’t.

You have to know exactly the team you are making and only search for each troop in the proper order.

The other option is be “forced” to place them out of order (thanks to the bug) then fiddle with swapping them around.

Tacet’s work-around was to click the suggest a troop button 4 times to fill the team with randoms. Then replace out those troops as if it was the normal old method.

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yea that kinda sucks but its not a glitch the only other way other than zippity said is to put them in 1 at a time and re-order them once team of 4 is in

Where did you get that information?

tacet showed this on his video before the patch was released

Yes, the bug was in at launch and in test builds, but that’s the nature of bugs.

When you say “it’s not a glitch” you are definitively saying that it’s a feature, not a bug. Only a dev can tell us that.

That’s out of order.

The game UI never worked this way before on PC. The consoles had it this way because they couldn’t drag and drop. Moving to Unity, PC gets the console design by default, like with the fiilter screens. It’s annoying and will hopefully improve.

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