Add the ability to reset a kingdom after all quests and challenges complete


I’ve been playing GoW for over a year casually, and I love the game. Great work on adding new content and improving things over time. I’ve gotten through all of the quests and challenges, done the arena a ton of times, and run through the treasure maps and such. I am the kind of player that enjoys playing through the story mode much more than PvP (which I’ve done some of, but not a huge amount). So I feel like I’m kinda running out of new things to do. I recently found the forums and after an hour of looking at posts, I don’t see the suggestion below mentioned anywhere. If it has already been discussed, please forgive me for missing it.

What I’d like to see added to the game is the ability to reset a kingdom once all the quests and all levels of the challenges have been completed.

It’s been so long since I ran the story line on many of the kingdoms that I completely forget what it was about. It was also nice working through the increasing difficulty of the challenges and walking away feeling a sense of accomplishment when I mastered one of them. Here are some quick points on how I see it working:

  • reset is only possible after all story line quests and all levels of every challenge have been completed for that kingdom

  • if triggered, resets the quest chain to the beginning, all challenges are cleared and need to be earned again

  • each time you reset the kingdom, the minimum difficulty setting for that kingdom’s quests and challenges is bumped up a category (first unlock = hard, second = Warlord I, etc). Battles now happen at the greater of the new reset level OR player set difficulty level for that kingdom. This also limits the number of resets to 5 (which hey, is 5 more times that I can run through content).

  • straight up gold rewards can just be bumped according to the difficulty level multiplier

  • kingdom income gold bonus rewards can either be set down to 1 per tier, or perhaps could instead be an increasingly rare traitstone related to the kingdom (minor -> major -> runic -> arcane ->celestial)

  • upon story line completion, player can get a gem key instead of the usual character card (so at least they have a chance at another epic or legendary card)

I always look forward to new content of course, but it seems a shame that I can’t redo the quest lines currently (at least, not that I know of). This would extend the list of “things to do” while playing for those of us not big into PvP. It would also give players a chance to use our nicely upgraded troops (with traits!) and kingdom abilities while running through a story line. Finally, since all the content already exists, I’m guessing you would just need to track the reset counter per kingdom (and thus difficulty level) and update the rewards accordingly while the player was going through it.

Just a thought. Keep up the great work!


I really like this idea, wouldn’t use it myself because in our guild we play for trophies, but I like it. The rewards should only be currency thought, I don’t like the idea of having to run again all the quest lines to get “special” rewards, kind off what Call of Duty “Prestige” does. But if the rewards are only normal currency (Gold and Gems) I can see it working nicely for everyone.


i love this idea! i’m totally with you! XD


I agree that there is no need to add in “special” rewards for running through the quest line. I figured exchanging the +gold income for a traitstone would help limit the impact since your income would not balloon up after many runs through multiple kingdoms (and you can already get the traitstones randomly anyway).

I would even be cool with toning down the number of souls you get for completing a challenge. The big boost on the first run though is helpful for new players for sure, but after that it might be a bit much if multiple runs are allowed.


This is a good idea.
I am mostly only interested in the stories. Some of them were quite funny.
I would be happy with the option to just read through the story again (without battles) once quests are completed.


i agree even just getting to reread the story would be nice. its been about a year since i read them. would love to have that again!


+1 to re-reading the quest storylines from me.

If we could get the text for them, we could put it up on the wiki. I know @MrSammy had some background assistance from the devs for other parts of the wiki so it seems like a possibility.


The quests stories are in the Steam files.
I want to extract them at some point, it’s just not very high on my list of to do…


Biggest issue with the Steam files is the lack of troop info. It’d be helpful to know which troops appear for each battle/chapter. Sadly the files don’t provide this sort of info and so you’re left with text without context.