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Add some grace time on event end, maybe 10 min

currently, if you do last battle in the event, whatever it be - pets (most common for me) or delve - once event time has expired on completing a battle you get that ‘expired’ message instead of a reward. i suggest to add some 10 mn grace period, when you cannot initiate new battles within a finished event, but still can finish ongioing ones and grab rewars. cuz i dont see a reason to get ppl pissed even more then now (no tribute ping/no pet ping etc, yep, we re pissed)

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They can’t because it causes bugs if you’re in a pet event and new event starts.

im not sure if thats an explanation enough. despite the hate of unity its not thats buggy overally. so if ppl will look up for a decision its ez. im not a unity pro, but allready its clear how to manage a task to recieve possible/impossible answers quickly