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Add a Tzathoth in glory rewards

Necrezza was a gift and then weeks later, she was in glory rewards. Can that be done for Tzathoth too?


it is ive gotten a couple since then

It’s in chests, but after Necrezza they added it to glory rewards, meaning that section of the store where you buy new cards in glory pack. It’d be nice to buy all of the needed cards in glory packs.

It messed up those people on the ascension leaderboard who had a perfect collection before the gift dropped. I’m not one of those people with a perfect collection, since GW troops aren’t in chests, it’s unlikely I ever will.

ahh thought you meant chests,ill try to pretend to be sad for those peoples collections…xD

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Hilarious. Yes, I’m not as sad for them, but it’s still more work for me to get it to mythic too. I’m usually about #10 on the list, so I’m not quite there myself.

Necrezza was in glory packs, but Mongo, Rock Troll and several other “gift Epics” were not.

So I’m not holding my breath for Tzathoth

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I’m not holding my breath either. I’ve very out of shape. :rofl: