Adana Epic Trials

The good news is:

  1. They are the easiest so far. They “only” took me 2,5 - 3 hrs to complete (I needed that long per battle in Pan’s Vale IF I won - and I couldn’t do a single one in Khetar; Vulpacea also took a lot longer). Also, I only have Pantha and Limpet at epic without all the traits unlocked, so it will be easier for people who have them all fully upgraded.
  2. If you get a battle crasher, and it replaces the first troop (Tankbot-2000 I believe), it makes it easier, as in my case that thing one hits anyone on my team as soon as it casts. (Sorry, I cannot remember exact details such as troop names).

The bad news:

  1. They are still tedious, time-consuming and badly designed (yellow banner in spite of no yellow mana troop).
  2. As far as I can tell, if you get the battle crasher and lose, it still counts to your daily battle crasher dosage, meaning it throttles your progress. I don’t know who thinks it’s a good idea to punish people for attempting challenging battles when it comes to Kingdom Pass progress, especially since people may well be paying for this.

Anyway, so my advice is, get your daily battle crashers FIRST, then just restart the battle if you cannot kill the first troop with your first cast of the Pantha, or if it insta kills one of your troops. While the battle crasher is less annoying than Tankbot, it’s not worth wasting the crowns imo.


Panther pretty much one-shots during the epic trials. This was straight forward compared the earlier ones and took about 10-15mins to finish all 5.

Too easy for an ‘epic’ trial, but nice to have this after Pan’s Vale.


Yeah it’s a relief. However, I’d say this is what they should be like, we now just think anything is better than what we had before, lol.

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This Epic trial was VERY easy I was quite surprised and disapointed.
Devs, give us back the hardcore mode, there’s nothing Epic in those, and at least for finishing the previous ones we could feel quite some pride.

What’s the full team lineup? (I completed all Challenges previously and Switch isn’t on an Adana week)

Carnex, LimpetBot, Pantha, Clockwork Sphynx

Nice, Clockwork Sphinx + P4-NTH4 says it all. (What’s the cpu team lineup?)

maybe that was the plan all along. to give us the worse ones just so when it gets reasonable we will stop complaining. :confused:

This is the best Epic Trial so far. Unfortunately I don’t have enough gems (yet) to manage all the levels, but the first three have been fun.

Carnex, CS, Limpet, pantha

Erm. They have Tankbot in first position, then one that does damage to all (Steam Turret?), Sparkgrinder and Carnex. Kinda annoying we can’t look at the teams anymore once we’ve done them.

I think it’s more likely they made it “too easy” by accident, since I’ve seen people complaining about the lower tiers of some of the other ones - LOL. At least you get to keep your gnome-a-palooza this week!

Why do you need gems? For the pet?

Yes. Most of my kingdoms are pet blocked, so I need the extra offers whenever possible. Especially since I don’t have any pet orbs.

Ah. There’s an Adana pet in the Kingdom Pass, if that helps.