Epic Trial is a DISASTER

not based on skill or anything, just pure luck. thanks for the amazing experience


by the way, lv350 is still a little bit conservative. why not make it lv500, it’ll be more fun

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I kinda wanted the pet from Sword’s Edge but there’s no Todd there, right?

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It is now suffice to say it’s impossible to increase kingdom power without either spending money, or spending a lot of money.


While you’re at it if you want to rage 10/10 try Drifting sands trial, I dare you.

Whoever thought of these teams has no clue about deckbuilding obviously…


Please post those teams as a screenshots, most players here have finished challenges long ago and cannot check it themselves. I really wonder


Drifting Sands - All units just with single cast only


The worst is, enemy’s troops have one damage dealer, while you have none! So, it’s either an endless battle or you’ll grow tired out of it.

Apparently, everything is working as planned, and intended.


Even the vulpacea is impossible at trial 9, you can cast todd 100 times and still lose because the moment he dies its over.


Just go to a kingdom; you’ll see Challenge replaced by Trial. Then scroll right to see the Epic trials. We still get those, even though we’ve completed all the challenges.

Edit: Sorry, I missed the detail that the epic trials are available only for the kingdom-of-the-week. That blows dead bears, too.

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Now that’s really unfair. You can’t even get enough help to survive long enough to spam skulls enough to kill the surviving 3 enemies. Unless you’re real lucky with lots of 4+ matches. That sure as H3ll ain’t me.


It only applies to Kingdom of the week, I cant access anyhow any passed trials

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Literally nobody wanted this kind of garbage. Worst update since epic tasks were added.


Trials will now be part of the kingdom upgrades instead of challenges.

The devs have done this, so we stop complaining about books.

As the trials wont be doable.


Maybe my game works differently but i can’t see epic trials in any kingdom except Vulpacea

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I think they missed a couple of letters out of the new Vulpacea pet. Add them in and it all makes sense.

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I guess they expect you to great maw the great maw after the great maw greatly mauls something on your team. :person_shrugging: :thinking:


Scrap that, Drifting sands has NOTHING on Khetar (enjoy another whight whenever you got lucky enough to skull a card) but the absolute worst has got to be Dragons Claw.

I’m not even going to start about it because I’m livid.
(no not just because of the impossible-difficulty of this mode but especially because it REPLACED the only mode I enjoyed still… but these kingdoms don’t help…)

Btw cannot make screenshots on my LT (except in browser -_- ) so you’ll all have to do with a description I’ll just type out;

Carrion crow, Bone dragon, Keeper of Souls (both brown purple for godsake), apophisis… = your team…

vs… (hold your hat guys)

War sphinx, Aziris, Alastair and … KEEPER OF SOULS WHO’S NOT COLOR BLOCKED YAY
(and always summons friggin whights whenever any of your cards die, unlike the other way around)

But like I said… this has NOTHING on Dragon’s claw… you ready? … sigh…

Baby Dragon, Essencia, Dragon Egg (like… REALLY), Asha…


Dragotaur, Couatl, Dragon egg, supersayijanserpent MK 9000 THE DRAGON SOUL

bashes head against wall

Yes that means 1: get lucky with the right summons and 2: enjoy having 0 damage while Dragon soul instakills your entire team.


how can we have 1.000.000 of gems to buy a copy of this pet !!


@did85 6.9 Update - Issue with Trial Offer Purchases

Thread here detailing this is a placeholder for a bug.