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Actual Troops that break the Arena list

I’m sure the # of battles you’ve lost like that is tiny compared to how many battles you’ve won using a 1 shot troop on your team.

If the cost of removing all 1 shot troops is that all battles will take longer on average because we now can’t use them on offense then I’m against removing them.

In other words I’m happy to lose a battle occasionally if it means faster battles (win or lose).

and I’d gladly get rid of using 1 shot troops if it means not having to deal with 1 shot troops.

I don’t find demolish derby Arena “fun” over a long period of time.

Not only that, those 1 shot troops aren’t making your battles that much faster, especially if you lose. Most of these losses probably would not have happened if a portion of these troops weren’t a touch of death.

Removing one shot troops doesn’t mean everything else remaining are Peasants. The power level average of 9-11 damage still is pretty significant. Way higher than the old 6-7 damage output they used to do. You can easily tell the old and new troops apart.

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Envy is an auto-select in the rare slot. If cast first he will cripple the enemy team every match.

Same as Lapina Explorer. Had one battle where enemy team had both -> LK and Envy… and some lucky gems dropping from the sky to fill them both before I could cast anything… soo… they did cast, and it was over :slight_smile:

Offense. Ultra Rare. An oldie but I think still a goodie. Used to call him my Arena bf :smile:


I don’t think it’s broken, the text just isn’t as clear as it could be. The “If the enemy is damaged” check comes after the initial “Deal 9 damage to an enemy.”

  • If the enemy has 10 armor, Dragoon will only do 9 damage.
  • If the enemy has 8 armor, Dragoon will do 19 damage and enrage.
  • If the enemy has 9 or less life + armor, Dragoon will kill them but will not be enraged.