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Actual Troops that break the Arena list

Since we don’t have weapons and can’t see the defense we’re facing before the match.
The devs are showing us why the hero is such an important balance to the game.

All I ask is that you check to make sure the troop hasn’t been posted already.

If you can’t kill him before his first cast. Then it’s game over. And since the game automatically sorts him into the 4th position due his rarity. Removing it is easier said than done.

If it doesn’t skull frank your team to death by it’s self. It’ll surely waste way too many minutes to bring it down since it heals based on its new life stats after a devour. I’m done submitting bug reports that could be bugged like that. They either get ignored or just ninja fixed. But without an announcement players just find out the bug got fixed accidentally. It’s a shit way to go about it.
But yeah…5.2 sucks ass and this and many other troops aren’t helping.


And before some douchebag comes and tries to say “I just need to be better at the game”.

But I’m a realist… It was all thanks to “luck”.

Removes 10 armor from all enemies.
And deals 10 damage to a single target. Though it does the damage before removing the armor.

I mean, you def need to get better at the game, that’s obvious from most of your other complaints on the forums. Or at the very least learn to move on from tiny issues you want to be the white knight about.

In this case you clearly have valid points. Hopefully a large list of bannable troops gets listed here as I can see frustration mounting for the .05% that care to play arena. Keep up the good work.(no sarcasm intended)


Not trying to be a douche bag @awryan , you got a possible infinite summoner in your team. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Pyggra is not a troop I would like to be left with. It explodes red gems and has a 20% chance to summon a copy of itself. That’s not going to win you Arena matches. Any other troop that deals damage to multiple or all enemies will eventually kill it.

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Summoned troops do less skull damage. So it’s as much a negative as a benefit in that situation.

I didn’t summon any troops to win. Again…pure luck.


Lady Ironbeard can one-shot just about anyone AND gets to heal her armor as she does it…


Is this broken? Or just useful? :thinking:

3rd troop is Lyriath. It indirectly won all the games in that run for me.

Does anyone know if I have enough Attack to kill the last enemy troop? Just kidding, all my troops had reflect, his own attack killed him.

At the risk of being off-topic:

I think this mode is going to be a real :poop: show when all the opponents faced are not pre-made seeds but rather teams with these Uber-level troops…


Just anecdotal (not a “git gud” comment) - but I’ve done 7 arena runs since release and have lost ONE battle in all of that, when I was a little more distracted.
By the 4th run, I was starting to play a lot faster since a loss is neither here nor there (not GW), so it’s not GW level of care.

Who knows, maybe I’ve just been lucky so far? :man_shrugging:

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Nope you were not. And neither was I -> similiar results, did few runs yesterday, lost maybe a battle or two…(and those battles i’d call -> “bad luck”) all runs finished with 6 wins.
It’s easy game mode when you look at troops.
I tend to look for synenergies when building my team, but if no synenergies are being offered i just pick the best troop of 3 given.

My few arena runs were basicaly:
Strigfiddler who silenced whole enemy team
Wild Fang, who worked as runic blade with his gain 8 to all stats after killing enemy with his cast.
Tau - simliar story do Wild Fang, but only +4.
Full green team, with Glade Warrior in front, and 3 summoners behind him (Mecha Rat, Giant Spider,Morterra).

other teams i don’t remember, but at least one had Bonebinder (which is pretty luck based with his doomskulls creations and can backfire a lot) and Knight Coronet (with his absurd damage spell).

Thing is, you can build a team that wins a lot.
Only thing that you should be avare is to avoid mana converters picks, unless you already have a troop that can benefit from conversion. Worst thing that can happen, is picking mana converter who will feed enemy troops with mana, and dry your from your colors)

Not the troop, per se. But yeah, AI got 3 rogue troops. Kudos.

team bonuses doesn’t apply to Arena… :confused:
my 4x green team, didn’t get life boost (which would be amazing)

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No, but the middle troop there “Pirate” adds attack to all rogue allies. Feels like it is more than just a coincidence for there to be 3 rogue allies.

it’s not, sombody had to pick them up :stuck_out_tongue:


Let’s at least try to stay on topic.
There’s plenty of arena based threads to go around.
This one focuses on OP troops in the arena.

This troop mainly because the AI will always put it in the 4th position on defense.

I don’t enjoy winning based on pure luck.

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This one burns all enemies. Doing 3x4 max damage per change of turn. It is HUGE for Arena stats.

DIMETRAXIA is another troop that can do “Burn all enemies” with 75% chance.