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Active members... best way to check out?

Hi all.

What’s the most viable and accurate way to check if Members are active in the Guild or not ?
Apparently I kicked some people that weren’t active (based on login / last battle) but one of them contacted me a few days later asking why he was kicked. This player pretended to be active so was I wrong ? Did I miss something ?

Please note that I do not wish to point at this player or anything. I just want to find the most accurate way to do so in the future so any ideas are welcome :wink:

Thanks all.

I think the best way is to check the last battle time. If you see if it is more than x days ago (like 20/30 days), feel free to kick them out. Either the person is not playing anymore or he/she is waiting on stuff to come from the guild without contributing.

Trust me if a guy is active it would not have been a few days later. He would have contacted you straight away. In general barring I guess something major or RL event in this time period not being able to jump online for a couple of minutes to let someone know your going inactive or to see you have been kicked doesn’t add up.

I would not sweat it and just make sure you have some level of requirement for your guild even it is small as this is one of the better ways to know if the player is at least trying to contribute.

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there is one ‘glitch’ that I have seen in my guild.
If a player is logging in extremely frequently, they can generate gold and donate that to guild tasks.
But if they don’t have a PVP battle, then nothing in the stats gets updated except the total gold donated.
Even weekly gold donated stays at 0 until they play a battle.

So there is a possibility of being active but not being up to date in guild status.


Make a requirement that a member must play a battle (PvP, Challenge, Campaign, Arena, Treasure, anything Win or Lose) after donating any amount of gold. This will guarantee that any gold donated will be seen.

Yes gold contributions don’t show up until the contributing player does a single PvP. But if that player didn’t do a single PvP during the whole week, is he/she really active? I’d say no.