Guild Login (actual login)

At the moment the Login section in the Roster of the guild only focuses on Last battle. I don’t even know if that means last pvp battle or any battle. It would make more sense to have last time they logged into the game period as people may simply boot up the game for the daily gold and not play a battle. Guild masters have no way of knowing this though.

So it would be good to know if someone definitely hasn’t been on the game for several days/weeks so the guild creator can purge inactive players with the knowledge that they definitely are inactive and not just not battling.


That would be so helpful. I know I spent days in a row in the last few weeks basically hitting tributes and doing nothing else on account of lame internet issues and moving. Anyone in the same boat who fails to mention impending difficulties to the guild master risks losing their spot…


it’s any battle, I think even Treasure Hunt counts.

[quote=“ruzin, post:1, topic:3538”]
It would make more sense to have last time they logged into the game
[/quote]It was that way before, and was chaged to the way it is now. Not sure why though, maybe it was requested by players?

I think it should have the info for both last battle and last login. Both of these are useful, as different guilds have different requirements.

It’s never been that way on PS4. Always been based on last battle.