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Last battle guild notification

In the guild section of the game you can check to see if players have been playing by checking their last battle in the guild roster. This means that just logging in does not update this number. Guilds use it to determine if someone has left the game or has just been sponging off of the guild or is playing TH and donating properly. As all battles are recorded normally properly i would request that TH also updates this number. Guild have a number of restrictions in place to make it more effective at certain goals. As a guild leader i run a guild that has only the battle restriction so i can have a semblance of guild activity. To this end i do not want to kick members who only play TH and no other part of the game.


I am just going to necro my own post here to give it some viewership. Hopefully this ancient request will have been heard by the devs and is incoming for the big guild update.

This would be interesting, as you could actually see who plays the treasure hunt mini game. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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