New Add on suggestion for Guilds

My Suggestion is simple. Add a online offline status beside the guild mates in Roster. That way Guild Masters and guild mates can keep track of them. Be handy to know how long they been offline in the guild.

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Viewing the profile shows how long ago the last battle was. May not be as easy or accurate (as you can log in and not play a battle) but better than nothing?


As a guild master i want to have the devs make a improvement on roster. I want to be able to see if my guild mates are online or offline so i can keep track of them. It would help with communication too so we know who online to talk to.

The game doesn’t use an active connection, there simply isn’t any online/offline status. It could technically show all guild members that played a battle the last hour as “online”, you’d still likely end up trying to communicate with someone no longer around though.

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@ThaSneakyNinja If you leave the game running in the background and indicated online, It’ll just make you furious that the player is not communicating. Just follow your rules. Kick them out if they are not.

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