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A way to tell if a player is playing the game or not

Can you add a feature where we can tell the last time a player in your guild logged in.

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I guess it’s already available in player profile unless you want it to see it (new feature) in the guild roster itself.

They used to have that feature available a long time ago, but my understanding is that either Sony or Microsoft (or both) made them remove it since it was determined to be a violation of their privacy policies. Seems ridiculous, but it is what it is. Within a given week, you can get a clue if they’ve played by seeing if they’ve earned any trophies or collected seals, but outside of that, there isn’t anything you can do.


On the PC/Mobile platforms you can look at the roster and sort by activity and other factors. It’s not precise but provides a fair bit of information.

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You can see if they have donated gold, collected any seals or earned every trophies every week so that is about all your going to get. It basically only tells you what they’ve done every 7 days unless you create a big brother sheet to track everyone daily…which is way to much work imo.

Thanks guys for the feedback.

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