Checking Guild Member activity?

On Xbox, there used to be a tab for the last login of guild members. I want to kick inactive players, but all I have to base that on is weekly and total contributions. I don’t want to kick a member who just went on vacation for a week and didn’t play.

Also, when I look at guild member profiles, some have messages that read “member of guild for x days” and show the guild name under theirs. Other members have nothing in those spaces. Is this a fluke, does it mean they left the guild but are still on the roster, or something entirely different?

Click sort: Last Activity

I can sort by name, rank, level, gold, seal and trophies. No activity option that I can find.

Sorry thought PC/Mobile might be the same as XBox, maybe someone else can comment

Thanks for trying!

I think this might have been one of the privacy issues Sony and/or Microsoft had, with it possibly being removed.

In guilds I have joined, the weekly totals are used for tracking. People on vacation usually notify the guild leader beforehand.

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Microsoft or Sony (I forget which) didn’t want this information to be shown, so it was removed from the console versions :frowning:

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Thanks, I didn’t know that.

I am wondering if I have someone in the guild roster whose profile doesn’t display the length of time they have been in the guild, does that mean they left or quit the game and are still showing up on the list?

That to me sounds like some kind of display bug, you should be able to see how many days every single member has been in the guild for. If they had left the guild you wouldn’t see them in the roster.