Guild Roster: Sort by Last Active is Gone?

Can we please have that Sort option back?
Or at least give us some way to tell which member has been inactive in the roster.
I can’t be the only GM freaking out over the new change…


Yer not. It’s the way I use(d) to tell who was playing. Also please put the last seen back on.


Unfortunately, that has been gone from the console versions for a while. Xbox freaked out about it a few months back, even blocking an update, because it allowed to circumvent the privacy options for the consoles. This is what killed the activity log to start with.

So, they removed last activity and last seen now on pc too :cry:

My suggestion:
add it to the Options menu:

  • Show My Last Activity Time [On/Off]

it would allow to show it for the guild roster and to Player account when clicked on it

If its an option turned off by default i think it would not violate any privacy policy if player turned it on on their own?

edit: actually ill make a new thread