Able to off reward collection until reqs are met

Most guilds have requirements and most people meet those requirements. But for the ones that consistently have the same people missing the requirements or are on the bottom of the lists, should they be allowed to still collect the same rewards as the people who put more time/effort/gems into the game? If the guild leader was able to turn on/off rewards collection until the minimum requirements were met, I’m sure a lot of guilds would see an improvement in playing. Furthermore, if people know they aren’t able to meet a requirement, they will hopefully leave to another guild, instead of just collecting the rewards form everyone else’s hard work.


If a member is not meeting minimum reqs they should be removed from the guild.


I 100% agree. But everyone has real life stuff going on, and should at last get a warning for 1 week, and if they are consistent in being at the bottom/not doing reqs/contributing, then yes, kick them.

So you want them to get no rewards during this week? I agree with giving a warning or two btw.

Give someone a warning if they don’t meet reqs. Then, they have rewards turned off until they meet reqs. For events like Boss Raid and ToD. Still collecting LTs and everything else from the guild.

I’d like this feature … GM sets 60 dooms during the week. If you can’t get 60 dooms, you can’t get rewards. Hard to see why this would be controversial.

It’s actually my favorite thing about the invasion event - you have to complete the perfunctory fights before ZG to get any rewards at all.


Right, and if someone is unable, they can go to a guild that fits them better. And I’m sure it would raise morale in the guild instead of everyone looking at the person with 0 damage thinking “why is he still here?”


There is a very big difference between someone who is being lazy and someone who has something unavoidable come up irl. How do you distinguish between them?

We had a member recently who due to a storm had power loss for several days. Should they get no rewards?

I’m all for punishing the lazy but if that means having to punish good guild members at the same time then no, I wouldn’t support this idea. Better to let a few lazy people get rewards than to punish all who don’t meet reqs.

If someone has real life stuff going on and they let the GM know beforehand, then sure they could collect rewards, or do less than the requirement. But, like i’ve said, if it’s always the same person on the bottom and they are not contributing, then turn off event rewards for a week until they participate as much as needed. And I didn’t mean turning off rewards for the whole guild, just the individual people who don’t meet reqs.

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