A wild idea for PC chat

So it seems like most people have been unhappy with the new chat “improvements”.

What taking the unity client, stripping out everything related to gameplay and releasing it as a dedicated chat client. Then people could resize it and have true, windowed chat. You’d just need to make sure it wasn’t constantly giving out of sync errors…

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you mean chat as a separete application to run outside of GoW ?

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i guess id be fine with it, i just dont think devs would want to spend time on it…

It shouldn’t be much time, since it’s mostly removing code, not adding it.

It would cost money as well. Since discord exists i think it is unnecessary

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considering its a different application it would have to come through all the possible legal issues and security issues that gow app already went through, and the fact it would have to be updated regularly due to new security issues incoming and possible changes that would need to be done when something regarding to chat servers is changed in the code on the server side

plus bug fixes :sweat_smile:

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I would totally welcome a separate chat window. Heck it could even be part of the main executable. Instead of opening the window in a modal view, have it be it’s own child window. the downside would be this would be a PC only.

I’m not familiar enough with Unity to know if this is easy-peasie, or non-trivial.