Persistent Chat Bar Option

One of the things that I love about GoW is the community both here on the forums and in my Guild. I can testify that without the social element I do not think that I would play near as much as I do. And I suspect, from what I have seen here that many would agree with me.

However, right now, I have to choose between being social or playing my game. Why not give players the option of a persistent Chat option. This would put a single chat line at the top of the screen with a scroll up/down marker on the right hand side.

This would allow for conversations to continue during games, real time assistance while team building, the ability to ask what PvP opponent to fight without having to exit any screen.

And if it were too difficult to have it work for either Global or Guild, then I would make it a Guild only Chat Bar… and since Guilds are getting some love in the near future…

Please consider it. :wink:


I’d love that! :yellow_heart:

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Yeah, that would be just great!

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