A weird issue with Lust

That’s why I suggested that specific feature. Notice a bug? Save the last 30 seconds, create a bug report and upload. Delete the recording and move on.

Of course the deva can do more and even give players more features for bug reporting. That doesn’t mean you have to wait for them to implement something. There are options from the player’s side.

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So, without further information, my working theory would be that Lust’s spell has an issue with Stealthy troops, possibly only when controlled by the AI. I’m assuming that Arachnean Weaver was traited, giving it Stealthy. Note that the spell is targeted, meaning that Lust couldn’t/shouldn’t have picked and transformed Arachnean Weaver while non-stealthy troops like Fist of Zorn are around. The red “frownie” possibly got displayed because some part of the spell resolution was aware something was amiss. This would fit in with my observation with my Skeleton Key team, it also contains three Stealthy troops (including the hero).

Needs further testing to prove/disprove, I don’t have access to the game right now.

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All of my troops, including the Webspinner are fully ascended and traited.
Also, note that any transformed troops are usually traitless.

My Hero is having the Stealthy ability as well.

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You definitely weren’t using Webspinner, not Arachnean Weaver, in the first slot?

This would be great:

I’d tend to side with Talvaris around it being summon related (i.e., Backup) – you often see the “no target available” text with summon weapons/spells, iirc.

In your case, @Fourdottwoone, did a troop die from Charm?

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Not sure, leaning towards no. Only noticed those frownies popping up and thought “huh, that’s weird, might have to check this out next time I fight a Lust team”. Which never happened, I’m usually too lazy to switch to an anti-Lust team, I just avoid them. :sweat_smile:

I’ll set my defense to a full Lust team once I get home and let it wail a bit on my Skeleton Key team. If it’s really something stealth related chances are good it will trigger again.


I just realized that I have made a mistake. Yes, in this particular setup of mine there was no Arachnaean Weaver, but only the Webspinner, so, it has no Stealthy ability. I’ll edit my initial post to reflect this.


After double-checking, my statement was false. I did not use the Arachnaean Weaver. I have used the Webspinner instead.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Unable to reproduce anything unusual, even after enduring a lot of charming.


Have you selected the Webspinner as your top troop instead of the Arachnaean Weaver?

I’ve been trying to repeat the situation I encountered, so I’ve been running my Skeleton Key team. To run a test for your team I’d first need:

1.) A screenshot showing your team on the first turn of a PvP battle, with all bonuses applied.
2.) The team code, including hero talents.

Was your first troop entangled when it triggered the charm? I’m betting yes, since Orbweaver enemy. Charm effects don’t “see” units with 0 attack, they aren’t even considered valid targets for the spell. If you use a troop that randomly charms, and everyone on the enemy team has 0 attack (whether by entangle or not), you’ll get this error message. If everyone except one troop has 0 attack, only the troop that has attack will ever be the subject of the “random” charm. A troop is also not a valid target for charm if they are not adjacent to another troop. You’ll also get the error message if you try to target charm on an entangled troop (or troop with no troop adjacent to them), as in with Viper or Lust; it is basically saying “theres nothing to charm here”.

Charm didn’t always work like this (you used to be able to random charm troops that couldn’t hit anybody either by virtue of having 0 attack or nobody next to them, then it would tell you no target was available if they couldn’t hit anybody or just deal 0 damage if entangled), but its been this way for a long time (a year, maybe more?).

Also, forced transforms are not considered kills for trait trigger conditions. Stealthy has no effect on the likelihood of a unit being able to be targeted by random charm or targeted by the damage from a charm.


This game is becoming more and more brain-tangling than MtG o_O

All the more reason the dev’s should include an action log during each battle, just like MTGA has through MTGA Tracker:


That’s a great idea, and easy to implement as well (they may even have debug logs already in place). Worthy of a dedicated topic in the Feature Request section.

Make a suggestion then.

I am not sure of my selected Hero talents. I may have had the Backup talent enabled.
Just forget it at this point in time. It’s not up to us to test this, but up to devs.