Incubus charms only one enemy

The Incubus spell seems to be bugged. Instead of charming two enemies it charms a single a enemy twice.

It does that.
I think it’s part of the programming.
2 random enemies. Or 1 enemy twice.
I’ve seen both situations occurring so far

Hmm strange. I’ve cast it at least 20 times now and I haven’t seen it do anything but charm the same enemy twice.

Not sure if it is intentional or not, it might be. The skill still says charm two random enemies, tho.

2 random enemies, can mean that the spell selects the same enemy twice.


I clearly just hit an insane streak of charming the same enemy twice. It just did two enemies for me but only after 20+ casts.

I had a similar thing last week with Enchantress. For the first 10 or so casts she only ever enchanted herself, so I thought it was bugged, then I tried one more game and another troops got enchanted.

Yeah, so funny run of ‘random’ can and does occur! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: