[Reported] Another djinn/demon bug: Status effects on 4 enemies

When gaining the djinn effect to curse one enemy at the start of the fight, it applies to all enemies. Have seen it a couple of times now. The same has been reported about blessing enemies (did not have that one yet).

As has been speculated in the mana penalty thread, that covers a related issue, it might be, that the effect is not activated once, but once per troop in the own team.


Note that certain buffs legitimately say “all enemies” instead of “a random enemy”, (e.g. Daemon offer: “Stun all enemies” + “Bless a random enemy”) so my guess is that maybe all buffs are being applied teamwide (compare Dungeon Traps) regardless of the phrasing?

Which feels like the better implementation really, but…

Xbox one x

**Screenshot or

Enemy recieved the buff

Quick story time. I got the genie and the choice were, good…cleanse all allies on 4 or 5 gem matches, bad…less brown gems. I didnt have any brown troops so i rolled and got the good. But when i started the match i had the cleanse but so did the enemy. Now later i got the daemon and got the bad negative status effect on plus gem matches and the enemy did not have that so i figure its a bug. How is it good if the enemy has it too

Just once

When you get the 4 or 4 gem matches cleanse on the genie


What game mode (Explore or Delve), how many battles, and what teams? All of them?

Hello :slight_smile:

Thank you for the report. I’ve let the development team know about this issue.

A couple quick questions:

  • What platforms are you guys using?
  • Please provide your invite code
  • Where did this issue occur? (Delve or Explore battles?)

And if you have any screencaptures or recorded footage of this issue it would also really help!

I play on xbox and it was in tbe explore game mode.
Invite code CLOUD_10

It was on explore and it was every team.

Hello :slight_smile:

Thank you for the details! I’ve passed them on to the dev team

During delve run, genie blessed my team with something like Queen Beetrix last trait: cleanse all allies on 4+ matches.
This effect has also been received by all enemies through whole run.
As intended?

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