[Reported] Daemon bargain seems wrong

Platform, device version and operating system:
Windows 10 x64

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
No idea where to look for that (if it’s possible), but I definitely bargained for “Conver one skull to doomskull at the start of the battle and -1 from blue mana matches”. Also, I didn’t met a genie this run.

As you can see, text says different. Also, there is no doomskull. And never was, except the very first battle after deal.

Is there something wrong?

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Noticed it the first time now.

Steps to make it happen again
shrug Somehow get the doomskull demon deal, I suppose?

Hello :slight_smile:

Do you remember if you retreated or lost in the explore battle?

(As the wandering merchant system effects wear off if you have.)

Hello, Bramble.

As you can see on my screenshot, game thinks that effect is still in place. Can it be that game reports effect, but actually it isn’t here?

Also, recently I got exactly the same issue with the genie. It was further complicated with all skulls being doomskulls, not only one, but exactly like with a demon, this effect disappeared completely in the next combat, and never appeared anymore, even if game claimed effect is in place. So I hadn’t nothing new to report. :slight_smile:

I will keep an eye for more occurences of that.

Hello :slight_smile:

I appreciate the extra information.

Just a couple quick questions to help investigate this issue!

  • What battle type did you encounter this issue on? (Explore, Delve, Both?)
  • What kingdom(s) did you encounter this issue in?

It was Explore. I rarely play Delve.

I am not sure which kingdom. I usually spread the efforts between zones with bonus rewards, so it can be anything… Can you determine it by the battle background on the screenshot above? I am bad with recognizing, but I believe, it’s possible.
Ah, wait, I am stupid. As it’s an Explore encounter, it uses only dedicated land troops, right? Then it’s Blighted Lands here.

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Let’s see how it works for another random bargain. Vulpacea, Explore, 2nd battle encounter.


Two. Just as I expected, it marked everyone, but one, in the next battle.

Three. The remained (two) battles still give me stuns, but does not affect enemies at all.

I think, it’s a systematic problem here.


Genie, same zone, before the 4th battle:


Two. Notice the same effect: instead “one random bless” it’s “everyone blessed, except one random ally”.

Three. Boss battle. Hmm, seems, blessing is broken differently. It’s still the same “one opposite random effect”, but at least it didn’t disappear. And effect is the same by target, but strictly opposite by area of effect: So far it seems that all (positive) deals exclude one random target, and affect all others.


Update: The “stun all enemies” offer works as advertized - each fight until the end of the run. So only “random” ones affected, it seems.

Hello :slight_smile:


Thank you for all the tests and screencaptures! It’s actually extremely helpful to the team.

And I’ll definitely pass this on to said development team!

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Looks like Blighted Lands to me? Wait, no it’s DEFINITELY Blighted Lands because Explore battles by definition pick troops from the Kingdom being explored (Faction troops included, Fell Roost being included with Blighted Lands).

Exactly. :slight_smile:

Test of the previous hypothesis:

So no, it isn’t “all but one” as I assumed. Still, I have three skulls transformed to Uber, not one.

Still, effect disappeared after the first battle, just as before.

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Perhaps similarly to how Bless affected all but one of your allies the first time (and I can confirm it happened the same to me, 3 or 2 allies), converting a Skull to an Uber Doomskull is a trait triggered by 3 of your allied troops in this case.

Hello :slight_smile:

Just a quick question, did your blessing disappear after the first battle as well?

Hi @Bramble

No, it persisted through the rest of the run, as far as I can remember, but was just inconsistent in how many allies were Blessed at the start of battle (either 2 or 3).

(Bonus graphics bug)

This is an example for Death Mark:

I don’t have any examples for the Skull → Doomskull effect, sorry.

Hello :slight_smile:

No worries on not having any examples for the doomskull/skull effect!

I’ll add these new screencaptures to the existing report.

Thank you both :smiley:

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@Bramble @Jeto @Kafka

When the enemy combines 4 or 5 gems my cards are cleaned.

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Thanks. @Bramble

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