Incubus.... finally some CHARM

Alright, first off, that guy’s hot. I want pecs like that, but I don’t want to work for them.

Second, I’m SUPER HAPPY that Charm is getting some love here. I always felt, going waaaay back that Lamia would have been such a beautiful counter to Manticore (the randomness of her spell’s target rendering her effectively-useless though)

Incubus doesn’t quite solve that, but with 2 random charms I think this opens up the possibility for some wicked counters, especially for the Double-Courage Bone-Dragon CHEESE that is ruining end-game. Have to experiment, but man this is a good sign IMO!


Sounds like a new video may be coming. :kissing_cat:


Yeah I posted about the x2 Courage cheese in another thread. Firing off charm against a team with 300 total attack is hilarious.


I remember Lamia being a pretty decent Arena pick back when I first started playing. I also remember being pretty disappointed with her by the time I finally pulled her from a chest. She’d probably still be effective against the kind of full-team attack buffs that something like Courage provides, but probably not fast enough in practice to be reliable. I’ve never been ahead of the curve enough to be able to rely on spells with random targets.

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I did some initial testing, and it is easy-peasy to make the troop work, but the wrinkle is that I believe using him effectively is going to be waaaaaaaaaayyyyyy more nuanced than I had initially hoped.

My initial build was:

(Unicorn Banner)
Green Seer
Shadow Dragon
Giant Spider

Heavy Transform, heavy Entangle. And with the two Magic Link characters this team means 2 purple matches and you’re basically in total control of the board.

Beyond that, the idea was to Entangle, feed the BD his mana, con him into skull spamming then nuke the team with Incubus. Establishing board-control with this setup is absolutely trivial, but sadly Charm doesn’t do jack-poopie on Entangled foes.

So… first brainstorm was a dead end. No problem that’s how it always goes!

Who want’s to brainstorm with me!?

His charm also does not work at all when the enemy only has a couple of troops left. He’s a good tenderizer but you still need a finisher.

On face-value, this claim makes no sense!

I’m afraid you’ll have to be a bit more specific hehe

It targets two random troops but it targets all 4 slots, even if they’re empty. With 2 troops left you might occasionally see a sad face that says “no target available”.

If there’s only 1 troop left, you’ll get 2 of those.

Because charm causes a random enemy to “attack” a random adjacent troop (as in, deal spell damage equal to their attack, not actually attack them). If there is nothing adjacent to a troop that is charmed, you deal zero damage. As with Lamia, Incubus cannot ever kill the last troop with his spell, and there is a chance for that last enemy to be completely unscathed if you also only hit it with charm.

By design, he seems to go well with the new legendary - Incubus softens random troops, then the Monolith can hit whatever is weakened. Monolith up front, Incubus further in the team, maybe Hellcat to charge them (also further increasing the chance you soften something into Monolith kill range). Toss a green/blue in to fill out the team and cover your colors - maybe Mercy, maybe Kyrstenax, and there you go. I probably wouldn’t use it without the event boosts, though.


Ah yes I had overlooked the “adjacent” aspect, never having used Charm because up to this point it has been utterly useless (past early-game).

Thanks for pointing that out!

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Maybe there will come a Legendary-Mythic in the future which will charm 3-4 random enemy troops in the future. Would be cool. :slight_smile:

I find Faunessa much more reliable. Besides she is fast and finishes up better.

Faunessa in combination with Incubus? Or in place of?

In place of. I also wish there is a group version of the Faunessa spell, perhaps on a new mythic. This a classical spell that appears in other card games often.

Well, that kind of defeats the purpose since you don’t get the bonus glory if you’re not using Incubus.

Oh, I thought this is a general discussion thread on the merits of charm.

Ok, so I have not researched this and am throwing it out there, is there not a TARGETABLE Charm card out there? Are they all Random?

It’s more about Incubus but it’s not a problem. :wink:

I think its spiraling in all directions, which is fine by me because I’m always learning stuff

Yes. Only Lamia, Imp of Love and now Incubus has charm. They all target random troops