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Lust kills troops when it dies

This happened to me just now. And i am shocked and confused of this issue. I battled at opponent by the name of Meli from guild Voices of Cambria Meli joined that guild just 2 hours ago. Meli team i faced was Lust, Meli +9 Life and Death weapon Orbweaver class, Lust Lust. My team i used was My hero using +9 Mountain Crusher, Queen Beetrix, Yasmine’s Chosen, The Wild Queen. So i get brown mana my turn ends meli’s team (A.I.) gets two extra turns matching purple filling up Lust and and a little amount of mana for his hero, Lust cast her spell does nothing to my hero, turn ends i get extra turn with brown cast my heroes spell and gets a ton of mana with another extra turn filling up Queen Beetrix so i cast Queen Beetrixs spell filling her back up with mana casting my heroes spell, i was excited in that moment when i cast Queen Beetrix and and get the extra turn from her spells abilty. By now the first Lust had 12 health or 8 health so i cast Queen Beetrix killing both the Top Lust and the Lust in the third slot. Then at this moment as both Lust troops died The Wild Queen and Yasmine’s Chosen troops from my team die instantly! Then then as this still going on the third Lust dies killing my Queen Beetrix turn ends so i am shocked but i just move and my turn ends meli A.I. hero moves gets a extra turn and kills me because my hero had got damaged from the Lust exploding. And meli team won. Ok if this not crazy enough after that match i built a team of four Lust 2+ purple 1+ blue -1 yellow Night Banner and went to pvp i battled some other opponent with no Lust in it. I casted Lust turning their first troop in to a succububus. They killed my Lust troop in slot 1 & exploding my Lust troop in slot 3 and at the same time killing two of their troops in slot 1 & 3 after my turned ended we both had two troops i quit the match and then made this Topic. Is the Lust exploding and killing troops a bug in the game? I have a Xbox one.

its not a bug, check lust’s trait, whenever a troop die, it will charm random enemy (or enemies i forgot)

charmed enemy will attack the troop above or below it (or above and below it, need to check it but im lazy to do it now)

anyway… it’s not a bug

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It might technically be not a bug but it is a strange feature. What is expected to happen:

  • Damage is registered and is sufficient to eliminate the card (Lust in this case)
  • Lust dies and everything is quiet because eliminated cards cannot have any effects.

Now, what actually happens:

  • Damage is registered and is sufficient to eliminate the card (Lust in this case)
  • This activates the trait before Lust is eliminated for some reason. However, trait description says that the card has to be eliminated to activate the trait.
  • Only after the trait is activated, Lust is actually eliminated.

It makes sense overall since seems like Lust knows it is going to die and activates the trait is the last attempt to beat the opponent despite the odds. So, apparently this is not considered a bug. However, it is seriously broken resolution of a sequence of events that is incorrectly described on the card as well.

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To be fair in the OPs examples he says there was always a lust troop remaining. 3 in the first example and Queen Bee killed 2 allowing the 3rd lust to trigger twice.

In the second example he ran 4xlust.
But it is mega annoying that traits activate on death and I would consider it a bug in PvP at least. How common do we see Thief heros dying and summoning a Bandit in their place.

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Lust’s trait triggers when an ally dies, including herself. That means you get two more hits as a going away present when she dies. Moral: always try to take her out first.

Stun her and she useless :joy:

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