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Not sure what's happening?

I’ve ran into it about 3 times today, running Cedric, sk, eggthief, greed. I kill two enemy troops with sk and somehow 2 of my troops get nuked, havent been able to catch much information to really file a report yet. Anyone else having this happen? I briefly caught the words “up in flames” once when it happened. But other than that I’m having a hard time duplicating

The Warlord class has a potential champion talent “Up in Flames” that burns a random enemy when an ally dies. Since you killed two enemies, their Warlord Hero could potentially burn two of your troops, and if your troops had 3 or less HP, the burn will kill them immediately.

There’s been a lot of deathmark and other weirdo status effects flying around lately. I get surprised sometimes too.

You fought 2x lust. 2 enemies died = 4 random charms
Caught me off guard too

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Ahh yes lust was definitely one of the troops

Burn on 2~3 HP troops, Death Mark sudden death, and Lust’s Charm.

One of the above.

Who is SK?

Skeleton Key.

I’ve gotten burned by Lust’s charm on death trait, too. Took me a while to figure out why my troops were dying.