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A tribute thread of useful buffs/troops we have gotten

So in this thread lets consentrate on the positives and the good buffs/troops/weapons only that we were grateful for and really appreciated.

So if everyone starts out with naming one troop buff they were happy with, mention 2 weapons you love to use and 3 troops that was released in the last 2 years that you were happy with.


I will start it off. :slight_smile:

Buff: The Gorgotha buff was kinda neat , it already got a nice Legendary trait, but then got cleanse whenever you cast his spell as well.

Weapons: I have enjoyed both the Trickster’s Shot and the Divine Protector a lot. Both superb weapons and fun to use.

Troops: I had great fun with Leprechaun, one of my favorite troops ever released. The Maraji Queen I had a lot of fun with too, which let Elementals start out with 50 % mana, so a lot of options since there is many useful Elementals in this game. Then High King Irongut will be my 3rd choice, great fun to use, reliable whenever you get his attack to 100, and great in most events that allows him as well as PvP.


The Wild Queen is still my favorite buff. She went from dustbin to top tier with 22-gem creation. Still unpredictable and a little risky, but that’s part of her charm.