A team to combat Skull magic characters?


It now seems that 70% of the teams that I face consist of Skeletons, Sheggra, Bone Dragon, Green Slime, Celestasia, Keeper of Souls, and Shadow Dragon. Four of those almost everytime. Is there an effective team to use against these characters? I know that eliminating the characters that produce the mana first is best, but it’s very hard to do this when their armor and health is much greater than mine. It’s frustrating trying to fight these teams so much :frowning: I forgot to add that many use Centaur Scout and Glade Warden with full traits in slots one and two, very difficult to beat these teams


There are teams that beat them, but with Agile/Trueshot backed by Bone Dragon, you will get unlucky at times.

I’ve had Bone Dragon cast on me twice on the AI’s first turn, wiping out my whole team.

I have a team with Stone Giant (50%) skull damage, along with Sunweaver and Emperina, and Valkyrie. When it faces those teams it almost always wins, but it’s so slow that it’s better to skip the team or retreat and just play a couple other matches.

Even Armored Troops, with 25% skull reduction damage do little vs the current overpowered trueshot. I’ve had lucky first turns and hit them with a full paladin plus a Sacred Guardian, and it doesn’t kill them.

Basically, try to find fun matches until 1.0.9 changes the game again.


Ah ok. Most of these teams have invaded me and won. Sadly I do not have any of the above mentioned characters except for Skeleton. I only have 3 Legendary characters and i was not lucky enough to be awarded any that use skull magic.


There are other teams, like

Giant spider

Using the magic link of the Giant spider, and double purple generators to try and get your skeletons going first. It’s a little more of a double edged sword, but it might help you out.

The random-ness on Agile just wins some matches. I’ve had 0 dodges and 5+ dodges in a row.


You are right. The best thing to do is ignore those that insist on using such teams, whether it be while invading or revenge. I’m sure that my ‘Try Another’ tab will get a workout :smiley:


I feel like I’m always going against:
Glade warden
Sheggra Heart

Damn you @MrSammy


The game used to be fun for me, but at this point I’m just about to the verge of uninstalling it. I’m always getting invaded by teams that have line-ups that are 3-4 times more experienced and much,much better than mine. Level 1000 players with ALL Mythic characters invade and defeat my defense team all the time. Yet I never get to play against line-ups of equal level nor experience. My question is this ; They tell me that this game takes into account wins, win streaks, etc. Well that’s all fine and good but I just can’t see how these level 1000 players that continually invade me lose enough to keep drawing me. I lose quite a bit but I never get to play people lower than me. Something’s gotta give .


[quote=“Machiknight, post:6, topic:3421, full:true”]
I feel like I’m always going against:Glade wardenValkyrieSheggra HeartSheggra

Damn you @MrSammy
[/quote]I played against him earlier, I bet he doesn’t lose much with that team, he must be special or know something on someone to draw teams like ours… (just joking Mr. Sammy, don’t take me seriously :slight_smile: )


I only damn him because he started the trend. It’s a pretty popular team.

Don’t worry so much about being invaded. The thing you have to remember is the AI is not the smartest, so it can’t play your team anywhere near half as good as you.

Focus on invades. Invades you can win often. I rarely lose no matter what level I go against, and I’m only 320ish.


I am faced with these teams more like 85% of the time. I need to do countless skips to invade a different line up and speaking as a lev 1000 player who turns in an average of 400 trophies a week I’m getting bored bored bored with pvp.
The trouble is that you need to fight fire with fire. I can field 16 viable teams which makes pvp battles interesting - EXCEPT against these teams I have no hope of winning with anything other than a trueshot/bone dragon line up so I’m fielding this team endlessly. Yawn.
All I can suggest to you @Macawi is to try and fully trait a centaur yourself - and use skeletons etc.
My anti skulls team is at least superfast
Centaur (trueshot)
Bone Dragon
Star Gazer (full mana)

Kick off with Star Gazer used on the first Centaur which will send his attack to 30+ or so. Any skull matches after that will one shot the opposing troop.
Thats the secret - and provided you can get hold of her (rare) she doesn’t need to be totally levelled up to be effective - but the 3rd trait really speeds things up.
If no bone dragon etc replacing slots 2/3 with one or two skeletons would be effective.

I really wish players would keep these teams for invading and set up more interesting and inventive defence teams for us to play against. There are so many great cards and combos now - its a shame they are being 90% unused in pvp.


Purple denies work best if you are lacking traits of levels to fight fire with fire. Valkyrie, warlock, etc.


@esslee - I think you’ve got to give people time to develop different teams. And by time, I mean time to get the arcane stones needed to create the more interesting line-ups.

Yours with three fully mana’d troops is fun to play, and I think Outlander has a pretty powerful Knight based team that required some thought, and another high level player had a couple of Archon Statues in there that looked like it was ready to take down skeleton teams. The point is that all of these had almost fully traited troops.

Most peeps struggle to have traited up all these troops already. It is generally only the weekly event which allows Arcane stones to be gathered more easily (via glory). This is probably why I’m seeing a few more fully mana’d Lamia around this week.

@Macawi - the battles are always a little more skewed a day or two after the reset. Also, if you don’t want to be invaded, just opt not to revenge. I could be wrong, but I think you cannot be invaded while you have three revenge battles outstanding.


Most of the more interesting teams I encounter (not gobblies or skully) are not traited - and dont have a legendary troop. I mentioned traiting in respose to the main question, but as far as diversity in pvp goes I believe there is a lot of scope for untraited teams. One I use ( called ‘niners’ because all use 9 or less mana) is Serpent, Griffon Knight, Goblin Rocket, Boar Rider. Another is Spider Queen, Dwarf Lord, Bul’Tauros, Reaver. Neither have legendary or rely on traits but both are effective.No good against the teams that @Macawi mentions tho!


My apologies @Machiknight, I did not want to start a trend.
Let it be known that I never went goblin however!


for the most part in fighting those teams i use my standard

Luther single traited(+2magic bonus) gives+9 attack to all troops
valk fully traited(feeds luther and hero)
goblin(ascended to epic, +2 magic, single trait) gives it a nice 9 dmg skill for low cost (as well as nice 5th color)
hero eye of xanthose (+2 magic gives its 13 dmg +3 stat steal)

Only time i’ve been upset with this team is when and if the other team happens to gets some lucky drops. otherwise luther can quickly get all my heros to +30 attack with 2-3 casts which the majority of the time is fairly quick


20 points to Gryffindor for that!


I have Star Gazer ascended to Epic
esslee, but she is still level one. Thanks for the tip, I will work on leveling her up :slight_smile: I also have a trait upgrade I see for her, this will help things a bit.


each week i change my defense up. I use the kingdom in the event for mine :slight_smile: makes it fun… not sure why people want to attack and defend with the same teams… i use slot 20 as my defense team and slots 1 - 6 for my attacks. :slight_smile: works well that way


My Star Gazer is only on lev 15 because she is only used to stoke up the number one card. Good luck with her - I’m sure you’ll have fun !

Incidentally, GobChomper (1or 2) Aziris and Star Gazer, working on the same principle make short work of a traited goblin line up.


I know the feeling, I hope that the people that just insist on using such teams realize that they are making the game so unenjoyable for others. Hopefully soon the game will come up with a remedy and give us a character or weapons ( or a trait…say one that has a 40% chance to devour these creatures,or one that does double skull damage… hinthint) that can really put a hurting on these skull creating characters. Then they will get a dose of their own medicine and life will be grand, grinning all the way. :grin: