A Serious Matter - Threats

Hi Everyone,

I want to talk about threats of violence over the internet, and in particular both within these forums and in-game.

Any clear threat of violence on these forums or in-game is unacceptable to us here at Infinity Plus Two.

1. With regards to threats against our staff members…
As an employer, under Australian Corporate Law, we have a clear duty of care to our employees to provide them with a safe workplace. Any threats must be dealt with immediately, and reported to authorities. Legally we must have zero tolerance for this.

2. With regards to threats against our players…
Honestly, the law is murky here… but I believe as a provider of an entertainment product, we should be providing players with as safe & pleasant an environment as possible.

In either case, the fact that law enforcement is playing catch-up with the internet, combined with international jurisdiction issues, means not much will ever be done from a legal standpoint, however, we can choose to do something here, and that is have a zero-tolerance policy against this type of behavior.

Threats of violence on the forum will receive permanent forum bans.
Threats of violence in-game will receive permanent in-game bans.
I have a feeling that I shouldn’t even need to be saying this, but since we just had to ban somebody, I obviously do. Thank you to the forum member who brought it to our attention.


I’ve closed the thread, because no responses are needed. I just wanted to communicate this policy to you all.