Ban hammer?

Hey, not sure what’s going on here, @Kafka you may want to take a look.

Xbox chat a player was given a ban for either mentioning c cups, or about being aboriginal and learning to hunt roos. If it’s the latter, you better lift it!

I’m not sure if anybody else agrees, but these bans seem to be caused by certain players abusing the report function.

If that is the case, they should also be warned/banned. It’s a form of bullying and shouldn’t be tolerated

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I wouldn’t know because I spend very little time in global.

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The person in question has been banned before and often speaks before thinking. But today was probably banned for saying she learned to hunt kangaroos as part of her culture. If IP2, as an Aussie company banned her for that. So be it. But pretty sure the traditional owners of the land where there office is can say stuff

Idk talking about C Cups is not really appropriate for a game chat with kids

Yeah, been size is the worst thing you will see in global! I hope she was banned for a clothes size, they’re going to get in trouble if it was being aboriginal.

I don’t make the rules or enforce them. Simply telling you thats not subject matter for a game chat with kids.

Sounds like racism might be a secondary possibility. Seems like you already know the reason. :grinning:

Either way they need to address it themselves privately. Discussing bans in public is also a no no.

I almost never say anything in there anymore

I want to be very clear-noone has been banned for talking about aboriginal culture in a neutral - positive way since I have started working here in 2017.

Racism is absolutely not tolerated in Gems of War.

I’ve reviewed the ban and am satisfied it was for breaking the community guidelines and nothing to do with the player talking about aboriginal culture.

If your friend wants to appeal the ban they can contact support and we will explain the reason to them.