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A tip for everyone giving feedback:

Stop saying “XXX should be fired!”. Give your feedback on the results, not the people. Trust me on this one: when the message starts with “Soandso dev should be fired right now”, then the rest of the message just gets an eye roll and a skip.


A good community manager will remove the ad hominem from the feedback and pass anything of substance on to the dev team; but (a) the rest of the forum will rally behind well-constructed feedback more readily than a waving pitchfork; and (b) posts that include gnashing of teeth tend to be light on actionable feedback.

I should add that threats of violence are not tolerated on this forum. It is a big reason why we as a community have had to cope with less direct developer interaction, and more than that, it’s a pretty horrible thing to (even jokingly) threaten someone with physical retribution. Please flag such posts if you see them, and I will see that they are moderated appropriately.