A public commitment

I’ve already met my guild reqs for the week, so I’m not quitting right away over this dungeon situation. I almost quit earlier this week after getting my ~35th in a row non-perfect run. I stayed because I learned there was a detectable pattern and I could, statistically speaking, recover my losses within another 35 days (To explain this: The truly random win rate would be 1/10. With the patterns known, it was 1/4. With a win rate of 1/4, I would expect to have won at least 7 perfect runs within 35 days, which means after 70 days I would have had 7/70 wins). Now that is no longer true.

My public commitment is that if there isn’t another 300 dragonite issued to players by the time I log in on Monday morning (around 6 hours after reset), I will quit the game forever.


Its clear that hubristic infinity plus 2 attitude to players will result in self destruction. Many feel that the dragonite issue is the straw that broke the camels back. I play gems 80% less than before the dungeon change and that involvement will inevitably recede further. Let them implode; they don’t deserve our loyalty.