Change that (you make me angry)

Change that! Actually, I’ve always played the game to relax. To have fun. That’s the point of a game, in case the programmers lost sight of that. Since the dungeon update, I’ve actually only been in a bad mood all the time. For the past 15 days, EVERY day has started with a trap. The first click of the day. A super good morning finger of the programmers. Holding a carrot in front of your nose and saying “well, bad luck my dear”! Are you crazy? Happy players spend money. Didn’t upset. This should have gotten to you as well. With every update this year, you always annoy the regular players a little more. And the Dragons Path update is the icing on the whole “we don’t care about the players” foundation. For my part, I will not pump any more money into this game until certain approaches have changed and raw materials remain an urban legend for many players. Wake up!!!


I understand your frustration, learned from one good player. Just keep trying. Even the best loose battles, updates or not. Just be patient and learn from your mistakes. Or just be patient, hopefully this will work out with an update worth it’s while. Best to you in your endeavors.

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There is a few problems as it stands:

  • Players with not much gems on hand will most likely never see much progression getting the dragons. You can pretty much go 20-30 days without getting a perfect run.
  • 300 gems a day for dragonite pack is a lot for something that will sooner or later screw people over due the hefty randomness.
  • This should be an exciting new thing for most players, I am afraid more players will leave because of it.
  • The boards will soon be a mess, people will really go bonkers when the awful randomness sets in hindering them to get the 5th or 6th dragon, draining them for over 50k gems, even 100k gems.
  • GoW randomness have been talked about a few 1000 times, some just doesn’t trust it, while other do. However what is true for randomness is that it so often loves to screw people over and give duplicates.
  • Any major changes from the devs will cause them to get thusands of support tickets in. Some got duplicates and other spent 300 gems every day or so. Means also reducing the price of dragonites in the Dungeon store will be hard for them to do.

The biggest problem as I see it, is that we are already a few weeks in, and I can’t see them taking away the randomness now from the dragon eggs.

I do not see any solutions myself. Adding more dragonites in differently events tier rewards won’t fix the main problem, but it is better than nothing.


I knew from the day I started playing this game that it’s mostly about RNG and luck, not about skill. I knew that I would get runs of bad luck, and days of good luck. And I’m absolutely fine with that!


Quit thinking about the dungeon then simple. A lot of other stuff to do if it makes you mad


a simple rework to treasure maps to include all curent and future resources would be a great fix

Thing is, you can’t do without the dungeon. You need the diamonds to build mystics in the forge. Be it because you don’t have them yet, or you would like to have them more than once. You have to do this annoyance to yourself every day. don’t you First click equals trap
Furthermore, buying it too expensive is completely game-damaging for any guild activity. I already wrote it in another topic. Players will now spend their gems on Dragonite and no longer pay for guild events. Nothing more for Guild War Wardens or can no longer participate in daily events. You dismantle a complete game framework with one resource. How stupid is that please?

You can play dungeons every day and not spend any gems. That’s your choice.
I always make sure to keep a gem stash to support all guild events even though i don’t need the resources from weekly or weekend events. I buy dragonite about twice a week.

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This is somewhat where I’m at. I prioritize guild events first, make sure I have enough to cover there and not sink the group effort. Then, I purchase Dragonite every other day. Between tributes, Vault Keys, and various other loot rewards it keeps me on somewhat of an even gem keel that way. 300 each day (plus the 50 for diamonds) is a bit steep, but since I’ve got most of my kingdoms as maxed as I can tribute fills me back up when doing alternate days.

I make progress towards getting the gem dragons (have one, will have second egg tomorrow), but in a more sustainable way than dumping all my gems to try and get there ASAP. I also have enough resources stockpiled at endgame to not have to max out on Bounty or touch Class and Tuesday Delve events, so that saves on gems weekly as well.

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Please for the love of God…please make your god damn game properly count gems!!!

I don’t hate this update nor does it make me angry. I am disappointed though. It’s another RNG based update that also doesn’t really require any planning or skill. When I first saw the dungeon layout, I was expecting more.

It sucks that the gem dragons can potentially take a long time to get, but I already resigned myself to never completing the troop collection. I will always be behind due to new Campaign and Kingdom Pass troops. Another few dragons won’t make a difference. They could have at least made it more interesting, so it’s not just another mindless daily task where you choose some doors and fight 3 battles.


Same. I knew as soon as campaign pass started that I would never have a complete troop collection. But I was already at the stage where missing weapons were cash only so grinding has become less and less appetising because I’ve been priced out of the game already. I just accepted the inevitable and play far less as a result. Randomising collection progress can’t be a wise business model when many players have already spent significantly only to find out that game mechanic changes (horde mimic etc) potentially encourage 12 year olds to gamble.

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I made the calculations. Chance to not hit a trap is 1/15. And yes, in 15 days I got a dragonite exactly once. Statistics works!

But isn’t it slightly cruel to program the small reward that works only once in 15 days in average?

I have no idea how you came up with 1/15, but that’s definitely not the case.
It WAS 10% since we discovered new stuff:


It’s quite easy, even if counterintuitive, and I am calculated in the assumption that GoW isn’t cheated, and all doors are pre-set before I start to open it.

So we have 6 random encounters, where 2 are traps.

First attempt: chance for not hitting a trap is 4/6.
Second: if I didn’t hit the trap, then we have 5 doors and still 2 traps. So chance for no-trap is 3/5.
Third: 2/4.
If you are very lucky, and all 3 was bosses, that’s all. And in that case your chance is 4/6 x 3/5 x 2/4=1/5 or 20%. But it assumed that neither time you hit the “bonus” door, and chance for that is 5/6 x 4/5 x 3/4=1/2 or 50%.
In other 50% you will have the 4th step, where for the 3 possible outcomes is only 1 good. And then it’s 1/5 x 1/3=1/15 or 6.7%.

So all your attempts has 20% chance to be good in a half of cases, and 6.7% in an other half.

Could you plz read the thread I linked above before you continue spitting out false numbers.
The math behind the probaility has already been done 4 weeks ago

I see you are a very polite companion who never hesitate to take his time to read what an opponent says. I am not so brilliant, so I’d better leave this discussion, humiliated and defeated. Sorry for wasting your precious time, oh great CaptainAwesome.


Interesting that you consider yourself as oppponent, but that’s up to you.

You wrote:

Which is false.
I gave you a link to read, where the correct numbers were posted.

You either refused to read it or ignorered the math that has already been done by several players with different math skills.

Shouting out your wrong numbers again is plane stupid, but that’s also up to you.

Deal with the consequences.